• Below are the directions on how to request courses via Genesis Parent Access.

    How to Request Courses via Genesis Parent Access (link to PDF with screenshots)


    How to Request Courses via Genesis Parent Access (pdf text)

    Login to Genesis Parent Portal @ http://parents.lrhsd.org

    1) In Parent Access, click SCHEDULING. Note the pre-selected courses (half-year Physical Education and half-year Health Education, as well as other courses as applicable, e.g. PLTW).

    2) Click the REQUESTS Tab.

    3) Read the Information box and review the LRHSD Program of Studies (POS).

    4) Click “Request a course” for each subject area required for your student’s grade (e.g. English).

    5) In the subject area’s course catalog, click “Request this course” to select the course desired.

    6) Each time after clicking “Request this course,” you will be redirected to the Requests tab, where courses selected are displayed. To delete a request, click the Trash icon. To select another course in that subject area, click “Request a course.”

    7) In addition, select 2 additional courses as alternates and indicate this by typing “Alternate 1 or Alternate 2” in the Additional Information text box for both courses.

    8) Review your requests, click SCHEDULING Tab and make sure they fill 8 full-year periods (including any courses that were pre-selected) and that you selected 2 additional courses as alternates.

    9) Click "Submit" on the Requests page after reviewing all your selections. Clicking SUBMIT (and type SUBMIT in the pop-up window) finalizes course requests and indicates the parent/guardian has reviewed the Program of Studies. Changes may be done by a parent/guardian letter prior to July 29, 2021. Only errors will be adjusted in September.

    For questions about your student’s course selection, please contact your student’s School Counselor.

    For LRHSD HELP Desk, including difficulty accessing Genesis, please contact HELP@lrhsd.org or (856) 396-HELP (856-396-4357).