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    In case of a crisis or emergency, please call 911

    Medford Police Department-609-267-8300


    Crisis resource list-Resources


    NJ Crisis Information

    Crisis Text Line: Text "NJ" to 741741

    2nd Floor Support for Youth-1-888-222-2228

    Family Helpline: 1-800-843-5437

    Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-572-7233

    Mental Health Hotline: 866-202-4357


    If you are feeling stressed about COVID-19 and want to talk to someone:

    Warm Line: (877) 294-HELP (4357)

    The NJ Department of Human Services operates a toll free “warm line” which is a resource for people seeking mental health service. The warm line is activated during events that impact the mental health of New Jersey residents. The warm line is available 24 hours and has language access; (877) 294-HELP (4357). NOTE: The “warm line” does not replace 911 and is not used to report emergencies.


    Other resources:

    Mental Health Hotline: 866-202-4357

    NJ Hopeline (Peer Support & Suicide Prevention Hotline): 1-855-654-6735

    @NJVET@VET: 1-866-838-7654



    High Focus Centers has created a YouTube channel to feature “tip of the day” videos. This particular video shared below is intended for parents of adolescents that struggle with anxiety. 




    A Message From the Tri-State Canine Response Team

    Dear Friends of Tri-State Canine Response Team,

    We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy during these difficult and rapidly changing times.  We appreciate the ways that you have risen to the challenges of “stay in place”.  We are impressed with the way that schools are using creative ways to maintain instruction and contact with the students that you serve.  We at Tri-State are also rethinking ways to deliver service to you and stay in touch with the people that we visit. We know how much our dogs are loved and how much joy they bring,  

    In this difficult time, we want to continue to provide support, spread happiness, and show appreciation,so we have created fun and entertaining videos for you and your students to watch. A new video will be shown on our Tri-State Facebook page ( Facebook@tristatek9crt  or search Tri-State K-9 Crisis ResponseTeam ) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.  Each video will feature a variety of Tri-State dogs, a featured theme and entertaining music.

    We enjoy working with you and hope that you will be hugging our dogs in-person real soon. Be safe and stay healthy. 




    There are a lot of unknowns in the world right now. But one thing is certain — Headspace is here for you.To help support you through this time of crisis, we’re offering some meditations you can listen to anytime.
    These are part of a larger collection in the Headspace app — free for everyone — called Weathering the storm. It includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises to help you out, however you’re feeling. It’s our small way of helping you find some space and kindness for yourself and those around you.
    Weathering the storm
    Weathering the storm
    World events can sometimes leave us feeling powerless. We know this isn’t an issue that an app on your phone can solve.

    But we also know that people who may be sick, whose loved ones are at risk, or who are anxious about all the uncertainty, need whatever support they can get.

    For the next few months, there will be a free section in the app called Weathering the storm, available to everyone. It includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises designed to help guide you through this. It’s our small way of helping you find some space and kindness for yourself, and those around you.

    It’s unlocked now in the Headspace app. If you need us, we’re here for you.


    Stay safe and healthy!