A Message from LRHSD Superintendent Dr. Carol Birnbohm

  • The LRHSD Blitz!

    Five days from today, the Governor of New Jersey will be giving his Fiscal Year 2021 Budget address in Trenton. Tomorrow we want a Lenape Region Blitz of phone calls to his office and emails to his staff. We are asking for everyone who cares about the current and future opportunities for our students to speak up!

    We are not alone in this blitz as Freehold Regional, Toms River Regional, North Warren, Jefferson Township, Greenwich Township, Washington Township (Long Valley), Pitman Public Schools, and every district in Cape May County have already told me they are joining us. The LRHSD Blitz is now a Jersey Blitz!

    We need everyone’s assistance tomorrow pertaining to state funding!  Therefore, tomorrow I am requesting that you send an e-mail to the Governor and also place a phone call to the Governor’s Office.

    Here are some talking points for your brief phone call – pick one, say them all or create your own:

     “The students in New Jersey need to hear the Governor say he is going to increase funding to address the inequities created by the implementation of S2 during his FY21 Budget address.”

     “I am concerned about the negative impact S2 will have on our students. I urge the Governor take a positive action to address the critical issue of school funding during his FY21 Budget address by allocating full and fair funding for all.”

     “NJ is known for producing graduates prepared to succeed, the LRHSD is one of those districts which help NJ boast its recent #1 National Ranking. If the Governor doesn’t find a better way to create revenue and to fix the flawed school funding formula, our district’s and our state’s great reputation for student success is at risk.”

     “S2 will not advance public education, it will not promote the achievement of all students and it is certainly not effective governance. Helping some students at the expense of others is wrong.”

    LRHSD Family, we need your help. Please invest 10 minutes of your day tomorrow to  send an e-mail and make a call.

    Here is the contact information:

    Governor’s Office phone number: 1-609-292-6000 

    E-Mail: constituent.relations@nj.gov 

    Feel free to use our sample letter (PDF or Word) or create your own, as I am sure there are many LRHSD voices and opinions that need to be shared!

    Thank you for speaking up and joining this important endeavor,

    Dr. Carol L. Birnbohm
    Superintendent of Schools
    Lenape Regional High School District

Word Doc - Sample Email to Governor Murphy