• The following extra-curricular clubs offer leadership and team building opportunities in student government and student council. Please click on a club name to visit that particular club's website!

    Class Advisors (Student Government)
    Executive Councils for each grade level with advisors as follows:

    Grade 9 (Class of 2027)
    Ms. Atmore (batmore@lrhsd.org)/Mr. Latini (rlatini@lrhsd.org)  

    Grade 10 (Class of 2025)

    Mrs. Toliver (rtoliver@lrhsd.org)/Ms. Gerber (agerber@lrhsd.org)

    Grade 11 (Class of 2025)

    Mrs. Krista Lamorgese (klamorgese@lrhsd.org)/ Mrs. Christina Ognibene (cognibene@lrhsd.org) 

    Grade 12 (Class of 2024)
    Mr. O'Keefe (dokeefe@lrhsd.org)/Mr. Joubert (rjoubert@lrhsd.org)

    Student Council
    The Student Council is the student government for Shawnee High School.  Representatives are elected from each homeroom.  One does not need to be a homeroom rep to volunteer for committees.  Everyone’s help is welcomed.  Major activities include a food drive, blood drive, homecoming activities, Mr. Shawnee Pageant, and other fund-raisers and activities throughout the year.
    -Advisors:  Mrs. Fanourgakis, (mfanourgakis@lrhsd.org) Girls PE Office/Mrs. Griffin (lgriffin@lrhsd.org)/Mr. Anderson, (banderson@lrhsd.org).