• The following extra-curricular clubs offer leadership, citizenship, and service opportunities.  Please click on a club name to visit that particular club's website!

    Amnesty International Club
    Amnesty International works to promote all the human rights in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The Shawnee Chapter meets monthly to discuss and address human rights issues and works to keep the Shawnee community informed on these matters.
    –Advisor:  Miss Brenna Atmore (batmore@lrhsd.org)  


    Buddies Club
    Buddies Club gives all members of the Shawnee community an opportunity to take time out and have fun with a diverse group of students.  Why go home and watch TV alone when you can have fun and snack with us monthly?
    --Advisor:  Ms. Stevens (jstevens@lrhsd.org)  

    Class Advisors
    Executive Councils for each grade level with advisors as follows:


    Grade 09 (Class of 2022):        Mrs. Toliver (rtoliver@lrhsd.org)/Ms. Gerber (agerber@lrhsd.org)

    Grade 10 (Class of 2024):        Mrs. Christina Ognibene (cognibene@lrhsd.org)/Ms. Krista Lamorgese (klamorgese@lrhsd.org)

    Grade 11 (Class of 2024):        Mr. O'Keefe (dokeefe@lrhsd.org)/Mr. Joubert (rjoubert@lrhsd.org)

    Grade 12 (Class of 2023):        Ms. Cummings (dcummings@lrhsd.org)/Mr. Baer (zbaer@lrhsd.org)



    Community Service Club
    Offers students opportunities to contribute to the community.  NOTE:  This group does NOT require the participation fee. 
    -Advisor:  Ms. Croge, (ncroge@lrhsd.org). 


    FEA:  Future Educators of America
    Students will investigate different careers in education and will have the opportunity to travel to local elementary schools.
    -Advisor:  Mrs. Thomas (debrathomas@lrhsd.org).  


    GSA:  Gay/Straight Alliance
    The purpose of high school is to mold today’s students into tomorrow’s adults by instilling in them qualities of respect, appreciation, and non-prejudice.  The overall purpose of any Gay/Straight Alliance is to help combat homophobia and gain acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual issues within the student body. Gay/Straight Alliance GSA is a safe support group for anyone who believes that discrimation against people because of their sexual orientation is wrong.  It is for Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Undecided students.  All students are welcomed. Activities during the school year have included: Socials, AIDS Walk, Day of Silence, Workshops, Discusion Groups, Battle of the Bands, etc.
    -Co-Advisor:  Miss Brenna Atmore (batmore@lrhsd.org)    

    A club sponsored by a local rotary club.  This is a community service organization.  Special events are planned to raise money for needy people everywhere. 
    Advisor:  Mrs. Rebecca Edds, (redds@lrhsd.org).  


    National Honor Society
    This organization promotes appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service.  Students are eligible for consideration during the fall of their junior year with a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.25 and a required number of school activities and community service hours.  Other requirement specifics can be found on our website.
    -Advisors: Mrs. Kirk (skirk@lrhsd.org) /Mrs. Woll, (kwoll@lrhsd.org).


    Renaissance Club
    Renaissance is a process that encourages academic excellence, improvement, and citizenship.  The club’s primary goals are to increase student performance and teacher enthusiasm and raise the level of community participation in schools.
    -Advisor: Mrs. Angela Miller, (amiller@lrhsd.org).    


    SAC:  Students Actively Concerned
    "Students Actively Concerned" is a club designed to foster citizenship and give back to the community.  SAC plans 3-4 events throughout the school year with the special needs students at Shawnee, planning fun events such as baking, cooking, painting, and fun interactive games throughout the school year. We also see where there is a need in the community and plan a way to assist and bring joy to others.
    -Advisor:  Ms. Shimp, (kshimp@lrhsd.org).

    SADD:  Students Against Destructive Decisions
    The SADD organization actively promotes a safe and healthy lifestyle.  The group raises awareness through various projects and assemblies during the year. 
    -Advisor:  Mr. Joseph Aromando, (jaromando@lrhsd.org). 

    Student Council
    Student Council is the student government for Shawnee High School.  Representatives are elected from each homeroom.  One does not need to be a homeroom rep to volunteer for committees.  Everyone’s help is welcomed.  Major activities include a food drive, blood drive, homecoming activities, Mr. Shawnee Pageant, and other fund-raisers and activities throughout the year.
    -Advisors:  Mrs. Fanourgakis, (mfanourgakis@lrhsd.org) Girls PE Office/Mrs. Griffin (lgriffin@lrhsd.org)/Mr. Anderson, (banderson@lrhsd.org). 

    World Affairs Council
    The students will discuss current issues in world affairs.  This club also sponsors Model Congress.
    -Advisor:  Mr. Baer, (zbaer@lrhsd.org)