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    (This class is open to all students in grades 9-12 and requires no prior experience.)

    Below are examples of student projects produced by the students in the technology classes

    Technology In Music I 2010-11

    Period I                                          First Song Projects

    Ulysses Amanfu

    Ulysses Song

    When I was creating this song I was going for a Michael Jackson 80’s type theme but as I was getting deeper into my song it was turning into a pop slash hip hop song. So as of now I wouldn’t know how to classify my song or know what genre to put it in .

    Ryan Bryson

    Ryan's Song

    I made my song like this because, I like the way it flows from one verse to another. I tried to make the genre for my song funk. My favorite part of my song is the bass solo in the middle of the song. Hopefully you’ll like it too.

    Ariel Elcheck

    Ariel's Original Mix

    Erin Fontono

    Erinn's Final Song

    I was listening to one of my favorite artists, Slightly Stoopid when I created my song in Garageband.  They inspired me to compose a song with Reggae and Rock characteristics. In their music, bass is very important. Therefore I had a lot of bass in my song. The drums were also a key factor. I also added some horns in my song. I created it based off of the type of music I like. I grew up listening to artists like Bob Marley, Sublime, and 311.  That is the reason I made my song the way I did.

    Jeremy Fox


    First how I started my song is using the basic reggae garage band setup. But in that I changed every instrument to my own custom tune. After that I started adding loops that I liked and thought would go well with my song. I was going for more of a fast moving reggae song rather than long and slow. You may not like all the bass but I chose it to my own preference.

    Devon Hartsough

    Latin Song

    I decided to create a Latin song after listening to the samples on Magic GarageBand.  I liked the faster tempo and the way that each of the tracks complemented the other instruments.  I opened the sample into GarageBand, and then deleted all of the tracks, leaving me only with the framework for a song.  GarageBand provided all of the loops and I was able to split what I needed and delete certain notes that were unnecessary.   My resulting song is very upbeat with Latin influenced instruments.

    Brandon Jacob

    Brandon's Song

    When I wrote this song I just wanted to kind of mix classic ballad rock and have a techno flare to see how it would sound. I think it came out not bad considering they’re two completely opposite styles pretty much. It was an experimental song.

    Crystal Josiah

    George Mickel

    Song #1

    For my first song in class this year I used garage band as my program and I used pre-recorded loops in garage band. I picked the genre classic rock and worked off of that. I picked the loops and sounds in the key of D, and I tried to pick the loops with the same tempo. Also I picked the loops that I liked and what I thought would fit good with my song and what would make the song better. The song has a quick intro, and the man chorus and it has 2 small quick instrumental solos and finally it has a slow instrumental dropout and it ends.

    Peter Rios

    Pete's Beat

    When I was making the song if though of starting fresh. To see if I could start a song by myself. Which of the looks of I think I can. I wanted to do a song that was good and that everyone would like. I also wanted a song that had bass because I like bass. So that was and how I wanted to make my song.

    Jesus Rivera

    Jesus's Song

    When I composed my song I was thinking about my Hispanic heritage and how I could incorporate the music that I like into the Latin style of music.  I believe that my song was composed pretty well for the exception that the guitar in the song isn’t like a classic Hispanic guitar , It’s more of a electric guitar solo through out the whole song and people thought that every other instrument took a backseat to it. I purposely did this because I thought the guitar wasn’t just one long solo it does sound different in parts and breaks apart In different sections.  The program I used to create my song was “Garage Band” a new program to me that I just experienced and I think it’s a great program for anyone who wants to make music or be a producer in the music  business.  While using garage band I learned what instruments sound good together and how timing is very important when trying to make a song actually sound good and make it hearable for other people.  

    Michael Scheipe


    I created a semi classical song with Garageband because of the variety of classical music loops available on the system.  These included strings, brass, and various other instruments that create a beat; such as shakers. The song actually started as a “Roots Rock” song as you may have been able to tell from the slight southern rock guitar used, but it developed into a classical song after I started experimenting with different loops. Also, the song may sound a little long and mixed up. This is because after I was totally finished with the song it wasn’t a minute long; so it experienced some “growing pains” when I lengthened to fit the appropriate time frame.

    Ryan Smith

    Song #1

    I made this song because I am into techno music and some rock. I used a lot of synthesizers and electric guitars. This song also has really cool beats. The song starts with a slow opening with not that many instruments then leads in to a techno rock song with may different instruments towards the middle. The end then starts to get slower and ends with a crash cymbal.  This song was made because I was in a good mood and I wanted to make a fast techno and rock song to express how I felt.

    Period II                                         First Song Projects

    Shannon Barlow 

    Shannon's Funky Song

    I thought that my song was composed well.  I put a lot of thought into the flow of how it was, and I didn’t want to have just a sound and then another one.  I wanted it to be smooth.  While I was making this song I wanted to make sure that I got a melody and the funk guitar rhythm was it.  I learned that garage band has pretty much every sound and loop ever.  It is a really cool program and I was glad I got to use it.

    Alex Clark

    Alex's Song

    When I composed my song in Garage Band, I was just trying to make a funk, rock, metal type song, because that is primarily what I listen to.  I think this song says “Listen to me, I sound cool!” I had fun making this song, but occasionally it would get a bit frustrating. For example, I would think of a perfect drum beat that would fit with a cool bass line I found. However, Garage Band wouldn’t have the loop, so I would often have to compromise, or use the keyboard to make my own. But besides that, I had fun making this song. I actually learned more about Garage Band, like how to change track volumes to make them fade in or out.

    Noam Flam

    Lord of the Rings

    My song is not particularly “about” anything, I just tried to explore the music making process. I used GarageBand and mostly learned/explored the way a song can be structured, as well as what sounds and rhythms can go well together. I tried to think about how to make it cohesive and build off of the initial sounds through interesting repetition.

    Pranjal Gupta

    Gupta Song

    Heather Ludwick

    My Song Heather Ludwick

    I used garage band to make this song. I learned that the green tracks are recordings of what people actually recorded, while blue ones are not recorded by people. My song is about being funky and happy. When I listen to my song I want to laugh and dance.  I was thinking about what people like and what sounds good together. I had to try like four different styles until I found something that sounded good.

    Terrence McCormack

    Terrence's Funky Beats

    While using Garage band I tried to make my song a mix between rock and roll and classic rock. The beginning is a little weird because I have a random guy screaming. It just sounded like a good idea at the time. I made this song the way it is because it is the kind of music hat I like to listen to. It doesn’t have any meaning to it, no metaphor or life lesson is included, just pure genius.  

    Jenna Miller

    Jenna Miller Song

    Julie Nishi

    Bass Drops

    My first song is called “BassDrops”.  I decided I wanted to name it this because of the amount of beats and basses I decided to use to give a club effect.  This project was made in Garage Band.  I started off by entering the song with a vinyl bass to get the audience in the dance mood.  I then “dropped the basses” into the song.  They are played throughout as well as some drum and percussion beats.  Into more of the middle of the song I added a synthesizer to change up the pace a bit.  This came in a few times throughout the song as well as the starting beats.  Toward the end of the song I added shakers and tambourines.  To end the song, the guitar swell came back and finished it off with a radio stager.

                This song tells a story of entering a club, at first its basic and “chill”, but as the night progresses new songs and beats come in and you start to loosen up and dance!

    Brandon Stewart

    Brandon's Song

    Mack Tan

    Blues Throwaway

    It’s an old blues throwaway, one that really just incorporates the musical clichés of the blues-rock era, particularly the I-IV-V sixteen-bar blues chord progression.  However, the simple structure did give me a chance to particularly play around with the bassline, keeping the drums and guitar track relatively steady.  The bass gets all over the place, and the little breakdown/solo I added near the end was just me getting bored and improvising (read: flailing) wildly on the keyboard. Really, the piece was just a simple way to play around with song structure, relatively conventional in this case.  I’m not too proud of it.

    Eric Wolfinger

    Sound 2 Good Version

    My first song is basically a mixture of all the music I listen too. I mainly listen to lots of rock and alternative alt rock acoustic and metal music and all that comes to play in this song. Lots of acoustic music, a little bit of piano here and there and a pretty nice chorus. I used the piano to record some of the stuff in there but mainly everything was used by garageband. It took me a long time to make and I worked really hard on it to make it sound great. All it would need are some lyrics and it could be a actually decent song if anyone new how to play these little garageband loop things. Anyway I hope you enjoy listening to it.

    Chris Wright


    My song, Cigano, is an electronica mix that showcases some unlikely sounds. Of course, like in any good techno song, I had to include a hypnotizing and fluid beat as the foundation for the rest of the loops. Also heard in the mix is a human element, including screams, spoken words and a heartbeat track; these noises are intended to add an air of humanity to an otherwise robotic sounding tune.  My favorite part of the song was inspired by the title of the song itself. Cigano is a Portuguese word meaning “gypsy”, this idea of a nomadic life in-tune with nature gave me the idea to include a banjo and a few other more “natural” instruments – rather than additional tech beats and kits.

    Aniqua Younger

    Aniqua's song

    My song is about having a positive outcome to a bad situation.  During the composition of my song I thought of my friend moving witch is sad, but instead of having a sad slow song I thought of the good times my friend and I had. And how we now bend around tough situations to stay in touch. The program I used is called garage band and while I used it I learned how to use different sounds that wouldn’t typically be used in the r&b genre I was going for. I learned how to blend loops and also how to put emotion into music. Lastly I learned here are limitless possibilities

    in making music.

    Period 13                                          First Song Projects

    David Alaimo


    The name of my song is called “Movin’”. I came up with the name because too me the song makes you move. I came up with the idea from the song “Soul Sacrifice,” by Carlos Santana. The Woodstock performance was absolutely incredible. To me I think the song is about having a good time and dancing to the groove. I used garage band to create the song. Garage band is a program that has different loops to many instruments that you can put together to make songs. I learned how to add different loops to create a pretty cool song.

    Nicholas Alden

    Frantic Embark

    This song is an instrumental illustrating a husband and wife’s frantic embark from a war-stricken city in hopes of finding a safe haven to resettle and start a family. The song starts with the wife’s mindset while witnessing the beginning of a city-wide pillage. She steeps into a trance of some sort, only to be broken from it by her husband. He takes her in his arms, and they run. Upon finally finding their new home, a church bell begins to toll – first naturally, then rhythmically – to represent the first snow of winter, symbolizing a fresh start, and a new life . . .

    Lauren Clemence

    Through the Storm

    Using the program Garage Band, I created an original song titled “Through the Storm.”  I want my song to be dramatic, so it would catch the listener’s attention, but still a pop like feel.  The thunder effects add uniqueness to the song, as well as gave me the title.  The song is about how life has struggles, or in metaphor “a storm.’  But you keep pushing on through “the storm” and eventually things start to die down a bit.

    Ryan Freedman

    Ryan's Song

    My thoughts on my song are that it’s pretty good considering I made it.  I think it could have been a little longer but overall it was pretty good. I composed it using lots of synths and beats. I was thinking I wanted a techno song and that’s what it’s about. I made it using Garage Band and I learned a lot about synthisizers and how difficult it really is to compose a song.

    Antonio Gray

    Antonio's Song

    When I was composing my song, I was thinking about a two genres of music , House music and Dubstep. These genres use a mixture of synthesizers to make great melodies and fast beats. What I did was I looked for loops that had the same tempo so the song would mix well together. It took me awhile to make this song even though its short. It has hard to find loops that sound and mixed well together. In my opinion this song has potential, but it’s not the best. I used the program garage band. I used something called the “master track” which allows me to make certain part of my songs to be louder or softer.  I learned that making a song is just putting loops together, but thinking about what fits and what doesn’t. I think a lot of people will like me song.

    Tyler Isidro-Paz

    Tyler's Song

    The song I have recently created in garage band was kind of inspired by KiD CuDi. His beats are different and have that trippy and fantasy sound. A lot of his beats I like that, so that’s a reason why I made my beat like that. I mostly used the drum kits, hip-hop section and I used the Electric Piano loop from the loop section. I don’t really have a name for it unless there are lyrics written to it. It’s only a two-verse song with a repeating chorus to close it off.

    Allen Jones

    Allen Jones Garageband song

    This is my first time making a song using software, and it came out way better than I expected. After creating a four bar loop with a synthesizer, it all came easy from there. I added drums, and then various other sounds to layer over the track, that then made the completed project. Garageband doesn’t have the greatest selection of sounds, but it is very user friendly. Almost anyone can make a song.

    Cody Jones


    I was very happy with my finished product.  When composing my song I was aiming for a song with synth roots that eventually progressed into a steady rock rhythm in the middle, then gently faded with soothing acoustic guitar and piano in the end.  My song was about being different, I tried to take a different approach, I didn’t want my song to be average and repetitive and I think I pulled that off rather well.  I used garage band to compose my song, and in it, I learned how to add different loops.

    Noah Kernan

    Noah's song

    I used the program GarageBand to compose my song, which, to me, is about when I feel good. I basically wanted the song to be one that you listened to when you’re in a good mood. What I thought when I was composing the song was basically that I wanted it to sound appealing, up-beat and original.  I think my song came out well and that it’s one that I’ll enjoy. What I learned from using GarageBand is that anything is possible as long as you’re dedicated to what you’re doing and you put effort into it.

    Ja'Vohn Maner

    Ja'Vohn's Song

    Devon Reives

    Why Do You Dance

    So in my Music Tech class I had to create a song by using the program Garageband and in my song I try to describe a question and that question is to those people who like to dance Why Do You Dance? I like to dance and sing which is why I chose this class because it evolves music and that’s what gets dancing started it all starts with a beat. I dance because it expresses my feelings when im mad or sad it gets my anger or sadness its like my outlet and I just like. I do modern dance and I like doing all the cool moves I don’t know much but im learning. I tried to make my song the type of song that you just want to move to. So throughout this class I hope to learn more about music and throughout the year I hope to learn more about dancing and that’s what my songs about and more importantly that’s Why I Dance.

    Dominic Salvatoriello

    Hip Hop War

    For this song I had no real inspiration. I just waned to mess around and see what I could find. I found a cool hip-hop track that I liked. After that I found some coo sound effects of a war so decided to put the clip into the song. I turned the volume down on the war track so that it could be heard but just barely and all together the song sounded good.

    Corey Siegel

    Corey's Song in the Key of C

    One day I was inspired to write this song by a nice balding man named Mr. Nick. I think this song is about how life goes on, and bad things happen but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time. I used Garage Band to create this song; it is a very ingenious piece of music. I learned in the process of making this song, how to use loops in Garage Band and what things work well together.

    Cynthia Sitarz

    Rock 2

    Though it had taken me such a long time, I finally created my first song on Garage Band. I feel that it encompasses all of most of my musical interests, because it has some worldly sound, some heavy and intense elements, and some dance. It changes pace and tune and tempo and instruments, but its one big messy song nonetheless. I titled it troublesome for almost exactly that reason. I hope to get your toes tapping!

    Keith Steinberg

    Keith's Song

    For my first song, I decided to base it off the G major scale. This song is about struggling through life but also staying strong enough to go through it. I previously  wrote this song differently at home, but I never felt satisfied with the results. But when I came here and worked it out, I found the right sounds to blend in, adding violin parts and synths to certain parts. This to me was hard to so since I didn’t have a guitar to play the whole thing, so I tried to play it on keyboard. I’m very satisfied with the final edit to it, and hopefully when my band will perform, we’ll be able to play it.