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    (This class is open to all students in grades 9-12 and requires no prior experience.)

    Below are examples of student projects produced by the students in the technology classes

     Technology In Music II 2009-10

    Below are Projects using the Ken Burns Effect

    Mike Bochey:
    Patriotic Slide Show

    This project is comparing the past, present, and future. I made the song on my computer using my computer and MicroKorg synthesizer. I made the song to have three separate parts: A part for the past, a part for the present, and a part for the future. I photo shopped a few of the pictures and did my best to put them into the slide coordinated to the music.

    Past, Present, Future

    Patriotic Slide Show Mike Bochey
    I made this video to express my patriotism for America. The video is a compilation of 9/11 pictures. Although the subject is a sad matter, I chose the song "America The Beautiful." I did this because even though 9/11 was a tragic day America stayed stronger, maybe even grew stronger and remained beautiful.
    911 Mike Bochey

    Andrew Corkery:

    When making this project I thought about the things that make America what it really is. I visualized its people and what the people in America represent as who they are to each other and the world. I also visualized what is in America that makes America what it is like cheeseburgers the statue of liberty and many more symbols see in the project. I tried to convey what America is to me and the world. Hopefully you like it and you see what I am talking about!

    Patriotic Slide Show

    Grunge Project:

    Let me start out by saying I love 90's grunge. It is one of my favorite types of music I relate to that kind of music a lot. When I first got the idea for the project I knew what song I was going to use for it. It was Blow up the outside world by the 90's grunge band Soundgarden. It really has parts in the song that relate well to the pictures. It represents the artists look having all the different parts and the pictures moving in correlation. I choose pictures that represented the time and the art and music style of the time to correspond to the music. Hope everyone see the artist point of view when watching it.

    Grundge Project

    Ian Fabbioli:
    Patriotic Slide Show

    Mastodon Project

    Mike Francisco:
    Patriotic Slide Show

    Space Project

    Paul Fadol:
    Patriotic Slide Show

    Car Movie

    John Giletto:
    Film Project


    George Legatos:
    Patriotic Slide Show

    Muse Project

    For my project I used the song Bliss by the band Muse.  Originally I intended to recreate the song by using Reason, but that proved to be too difficult and time consuming.  For this reason, I decided to use the actual song.  I used some pictures of the band in my project but mostly I chose to utilize pictures that show the natural beauty of our planet and universe, as well as pictures of human achievements and technological milestones throughout history.  I then juxtaposed these images with pictures of the potential devastation that coincides with human advancements, such as pollution, destruction and warfare.  I hope that my video will send a positive message for the protection of our fragile environment because we only get one planet, and we must make it a safe and prosperous world for generations to come.

    The Muse

    Brian Rozinski:
    Patriotic Slide Show

    Surfing Video

    Al Rizzo:
    Patriotic Slide Show

    Steve Schwartz:

    While making my ken burns project all I really thought about was running, and running camp.  Sadly through out my project I was diagnosed with a stress fracture and I couldn't run.  Bob Marley playing in the background really suits the project well ,"Iron Lion Zion" makes me think of running.  So I hope you enjoy!

    Schwartz Slide Show

    Steve Schwartz: Patriotic Slide Show

    AMERICIA!!!!  What more can I say that Ray Charles has not already said in "America the Beautiful" .  I think that this project really shows how united Americans are.  Also the song is amazing just like our country. Enjoy!!

    Patriotic Slide Show

    Nick Venuto

    America is a great country.  To show my appreciation for this country, I put together a patriotic movie.  This movie includes a patriotic song in the background along with pictures of American pride.  I wanted to express the great parts of America, which includes our armed forces, our flag, and other representatives of this country. The Ken Burn's effect was used to give motion and life to this movie.  Dramatic effect was added by doing this.  GO U.S.A!

    Patriotic Slide Show


    Technology In Music I 2009-10

    Period 2
    Basil Amer:

    My song started out with a melody with synth lead.  At first I was just fooling around on the keyboard but then I decided to add a really simple bass line. I threw on a hip hop drum beat and it started sounding like a song.  Eventually I put some more percussion into it and arranged everything to sound like a verse.  I put a fade in at the beginning and a fade out at the end to finish it off.  It ended up sounding pretty good so I used the song for the assignment.

    First Basil Song

    Waleed Amer:

    I usually start off my songs with a drum beat, add a nice lead melody, put in a bass line, and maybe a pad, then I find nice sounds to add more depth and more of a vibe.  After that's all done, I rearrange the tracks, like for example, in the intro I'll play the pad and some beeps or a small part of the beat, then start the drums for the verse.  After the verse is over, I put together a chorus of about the same length.  This is when I put in the extras and small sounds, and maybe a hi-hat to put more energy into the chorus.  Then I simply rearrange the rest of a song, maybe change the progression for the 3rd verse, and then have an outro, similar to the intro.

    Waleed Pop Song

    Danielle Austin: Song 1

    Tara Ciafrei: Tara's Song

    Stephen DiFalco:

    My song By Steve DiFalco

    I wrote this song in Garage band with the idea of having an alien civilization landing on earth and this music playing behind it. I used various different sounds in my song including a variety of different synths, violins, guitars and electronic drums. I am very pleased with the results of the song and plan on creating more music with this similar theme eventually creating a whole story through the music.

    Steve's New Song

    Dan Gold: Dan's Song

    Jamie Gowell: My Song

    Christina Higgins: Kelly Walking

    Frank Ieradi: Frankie

    Evan Kilgore:

    This was originally a Maceo Parker song in which he would play the melody in a blues progression and take multiple solos just vamping out in D minor. I replicated this for the melody along with making harmonies to the melody that fit in each chord opposed to how the main melody does not change for the first 8 bars of the blues. I also added in a little transition in G diminished just for tension and release. I tried to use the typical instrument found in a funk setting (guitar, organ, bass, drums, and tenor sax) I pretty much just did this song cause I have been listening to a lot of Maceo Parker and funk in general recently so I just wanted to do a simple song that I could replicate and add a little bit of my own style into it.

    Pass The Peas

    Bryce Lepore:

    My First Garage Band Song

    My song was created all by hand in garageband. It was fairly short but original. It was so short because I had made and discarded a few other takes before. It has a few layered synth tracks and a hand done drum track.

    Bryce First Song

    Coshonzay Matlock: Coshon first song

    Hayes Rainer: Hayes's Song

    Dan Salkin:

    My Song by Dan Salkin           

    My song is about a good feeling. It's about moving and getting yourself INTO the  music instead of just listening and I did this by adding a consistent beat that you can really lose yourself in. It was influenced by bands such as Lotus and The Disco Biscuits.

    Dan's First Song

    Matt Wehner: Wehner Mix

    Vocal edit projects
    The students were given a poem with words mispronounced and they had to edit the correct word into the bad take.  Once finished, they were to write music as a background, the results are below.

    Steve DiFalco: Steve's Vocal Mix

    Nick Silvidio: Nick's vocal Mix

    Shannon Herbst: Shannon's Mix

    Alec Goldfarb: Alec's Mix

    Final Projects Tech I Period 2

    Basil Amer:

    Technology I Period 6-7

    First song Projects
    Letizia Arroyo:

    My song is the best because it has a Spanish beat to it.   I am Puerto Rican and love Spanish music.  The song makes me want to get up and dance.


    Jessica Austin:
    "Hey Girl"

    Dante Bowden:
    This song i made is called history.When i made this song i began to think about a live concert with a huge band.I thought of the crowds reaction to a famous band member just stepping out onto the stage and into the spotlight.It's basically just an intro to a concert.In this song i used a pop kit (drum set), big lead guitar, and orchestral strings with many more. I just wanted to create such an atmosphere where people can get hype and into the music.

    Alisa Davis:

    I used Garage Band to create this song, it's not my first time using Garage Band, but my song may sound like I was. However, it was my first time actually using the keyboard to put different sounds in my song because I usually just use loops. This song basically reflects who I am; it has a Hispanic feel, because I am Hispanic. Towards the middle of the song, it starts to sound sort... tribal, but that's because I'm also half black. So I wanted to put some of both sides of me into the song. Personally I would have liked to have a little more time to spend on the song, because there's not enough of the African style included.

    Alisa's Song

    Alex Dewey: Messin Around

    Antuman Georgi:

    Steve Gleason: My Song

    Alec Goldfarb:
    My song is in the Key of Bb harmonic minor, switches to Bb chromatic, then Bb natural minor, then Bb whole tone, and rounds off back at Bb harmonic. I really wanted to explore garage band with this piece, and see what I could do only using a MIDI keyboard, and I think I like the outcome. I also wanted to employ the use of the 3rd harmonies as well as the Tri-tone interval or flat fifth, showing the difference between black and white, you know, a lot of contrast. It's definitely a Prog song. I drew a lot of inspiration from King Crimson on this piece, and I hope it reflects that.
    In The Evening

    Jean Luc Herbert:

    Garage Band Try 1 was my first song I made in garage band. I created different melodies and just massively blended them all in together so the listener would have the feel of many things happening at once. In the mix of melodies, I used variations from Bach's 3rd cello suite prelude, Danny Elfman's Corpse Bride, as well as a piano line from Hollywood Undead's This Love, This Hate.

    Jean Luc Song

    Shannon Herbst: Shannon's Song

    Anthony Hughes:

    The song I made in garage band is a simple chord progression that is jazz inspired. I used mostly 7th chords and a simple bass line. The cool thing about this was it gave me a chance to try and solo over a chord progression. The song allowed me to record tracks with a few different virtual instruments. Although the drums were not perfectly on time I was able to use an original beat created on the piano.

    Anthony's Song

    Andre Holmes:

    My first song started out as a pattern that I had in my head and then try to transfer into garage band.  It was my first time using garage band I wasn't to good with it so my original melody that I had sounded different so I ran with what I had.  I started adding in drum loops and some other prerecorded rifts that garage band had and just tried to turn it all into a song in the end, not the best work I've done and think I should do better in the future.

    DRez Song

    John Jennings:

    When I made this song I kind of wanted to make a sad hip-hop beat because it makes you think and really listen. You have the violins, piano, and acoustic guitar, but with that that you still have the rhythm of a hip-hop sounding song.  I wanted people to feel the music and be able to bob their heads to the beat. Also when I made this I just wanted to be relaxed, I made a relaxed beat.


    Brianna Shestack:
    Creating this song, I did not want to use many of the loops that garage band offered. I recently started to teach myself how to play the piano and the first song that I taught myself how to play was "Clocks" by Coldplay. Not knowing how to play much more, I decided to take parts of the song and transform it into something different from the real version. "Clocks" is a rather mellow song and by putting a techno twist on it, the song had a completely different feel from the original version.

    Nick Silvidio:NIck's Song

    Technology I Period 6-7

    Vocal edit projects
    The students were given a poem with words mispronounced and they had to edit the correct word into the bad take.  Once finished, they were to write music as a background, the results are below.

    Letizia Arroyo: Vocal Mix

    Jessica Austin: Vocal Mix

    Dante Bowden: Vocal Mix

    Alisa Davis: Vocal Mix

    Alex Dewey: Vocal Mix

    Antuman Georgi: Vocal Mix

    Steve Gleason: Vocal Mix

    Alec Goldfarb: Vocal Mix

    Jean Luc Herbert: Vocal Mix

    Shannon Herbst: Vocal Mix

    Technology In Music I 2008-09
    Vicki Little: Vicki_Emotions
    Vicki's Notes on the first song:

    For my first song I basically went into the Garage Band Program and found a piano loop I liked. I based the rest of my song off of those chords and styles. Although it's not too difficult of a song, it still sounds cool. It has a strong emotional feeling that I describe as what you would hear in a movie when someone is leaving. Even though I was perfectly happy when I wrote it, that�s how my feelings seemed to come out.

    Vicki Little: Darkness

    Technology In Music II 2008-09
    Below are some projects from the Technology in Music II classes
    Under Construction

    Music Tech I 2007-08

    Chris Cramer: Final Project

    Imari Thomas: Final Project

    Will Mink: Final Project

    Jeremy Dubrow: Final Project

    Marc Reynaud: Final Project

    Kyle Gardner: Final Project

    Ian Fabbioli: Final Project

    Kellen Hogan: Final Project

    Welcome to the Music Technology Page for Technology II for the 2007-08 Year.

    Below are some projects created by the students in this years calss.

    **The first examples are part of a Sample Manipulation Project, where the students were to digitally sample everyday sounds and turn them into instruments and music.

    For this song, a “Musique Concrete” style piece, I took sounds from everyday school objects, recorded, and manipulated them in pitch, length, and timbre. Using the Zoom 4, I walked around the tech room and halls to find objects to hit, scrap, tap, and even talk into. Along with some of the extra noises on the recording, such as the talking before and after the actual sounds we wanted, and other background noise, I cut and manipulated the samples to my liking.
    I took some of the sounds and raised or lowered its pitch multiple times to get different timbres. I then synced them up with the tempo and rhythm I wanted to use. Creating my own drum patterns out of different thuds and whacks of boxes and CD containers.
    The song is completely made up of sampled sounds, there are no MIDI, or actual instruments in this piece. I am very happy with the way it turned out. I hope you enjoy it.

    All of the above was done using Digital Performer 5.

    AJ Salcedo
    Click Below to hear:

    School Halls

    I started making this project by looking around the school for objects that could create interesting timbres to use in a song like fashion. I then used the zoom 4 stereo microphone to record these sounds. After recording I loaded the sounds into Digital Performer to edit them. Soon after that I placed sound clips from my samples in exact patterns to create a drumbeat. I then used the “nano-sampler” to play some of my samples through the keyboard. The result is the song below.

    Tyler Schroff

    Click Below to hear:
    Sample !!!

    Here are some other works by Tyler

    This Piece of modernized "Musique Concrete" was created using natural sounds that were sampled. Sampling is the process of recording a short sound such as a clap or a single drum tap. These Sounds were recorded with a Zoom 4 digital microphone recorder and then downloaded onto a computer hard drive. These sounds were then imported into Digital Performer and arranged on different audio tracks in order to create a simple rhythm. Sounds used for this rhythm can be altered in pitch, Tempo, and formants using the Spectral Effects found in Digital Performer. This allows for the user to add different depths to this rhythm and also phrase the sounds differently.
    More complex and tuned rhythms as well as melodies and harmonies can then be created using Nano sampler, by creating an instrument track and then creating a MIDI track so that the sound can be played in different pitches across a MIDI keyboard controller. Using Nano sampler it is possible to trim up the sampled sounds in order to get the right attack with a piano key which is used as the trigger function in this process of recording these bits of sounds into the arrangement.

    Nick Longenecker

    Click Below to hear:

    Sample Thing

    Movie Projects

    Tyler Popeye Movie

    Radio Commercials

    Tyler:Gentle Dental

    2006-07 Music Tech I

    Audio files:

    Tyler: Let's Make a Vow

    Adrian: Happy Happy Dance Dance Party

    Alex: Reason Song (a song created in Reason)

    Jamill: Choklate Hit

    Hennie: Wind Tunnel

    John: Rise for the Queen

    Christian: Lesson 5

    Nick: Reason Song

    Amanda: Reason Song

    Trent: X-Port

    Gloria: Reason Song

    Collaborative Song Projects

    John and Tyler:
    John/Tyler Song

    Brian/Hennie/Jamill/Adrian: Do What It Do Do What It Do

    2006-07 Music Tech II

    Film Scoring Projects:

    Chris: Popeye Movie

    Ed: Matrix Edit

    Anthony: Matrix Edit

    Karl: Matrix Edit

    Matt: Matrix Edit

    Sean: Matrix Edit

    Picture Projects: