• Design Concept of Emphasis





    s Pick your favorite sports team and design a ticket for one of games.  You can pick any team, big or small.  

    s Try to express its style through your typographic and/or image choice, emphasizing what you believe is important, whether it is the name, the style, or the venue.  Think about your color choices and types of font.  These should match the "feel" of the team.

    s In Canva, create a ticket using the following information:

    o    Size:

    § Width:  7 inches

    § Height:  4 inches

    o   Must include:

    § Name of Team

    § Venue - Where are they playing

    § Date and Time of Game

    **Reminder:  All text in this design needs to be original.  No text can be in the pictures you get from the Internet.   

  • Contact Mrs. Cashman at mcashman@lrhsd.org or 609-654-5111 ext. 8454