• Design Concept of Repetition

  • Ä Repetition is important in all design, whether they are single page or multiple pages. 


    Ä Repetition requires that the designer deliberately seek out and apply visual elements consistently to a page.

    o  This may mean something as simple as repeating lines or images throughout a page.


    Ä Repetition can also mean that in a multiple-page document such as a newsletter, you might use the same font face, size and color for all the headlines. 


    Ä Unity is achieved when all the separate elements on a page look as if they belong together. A lack of unity can cost you readers. 



    Using Canva (8.5x11 size document) for all elements of this assignment:


    1.  Create a logo for a coffee shop including the following information:

    – The Coffee Fix

    – A picture or graphic


    2.   Once you have completed the logo, create a menu for the coffee shop using the items below.  You must apply the principle of repetition.

    Who would have thought?Our espresso is a teensy-tiny shot of pure energy!


    The pinnacle of espresso.A shot of espresso with a bit of steamed milk on top.
    Available in a variety of flavors including amaretto, mocha, and hazelnut.  


    A shot of espresso cut with extremely hot water for a generous serving


    The milk-and-coffee lover’s delight.  Our best espresso mixed with steamed milk and a topping of foamed milk.


    Coffee.  Just coffee. Just good coffee.  In a variety of flavors including amaretto, mocha, and hazelnut.
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