• Class of 2023 Senior Superlatives



    This form serves two purposes.  It tells you needed information, you tell us a little about yourselves, and it is also where you place your votes for who wins the different superlative categories in the third section. You have until November 25th to finalize the information.  Any forms finalized after November 25th will not be counted.

    Yearbook Purchase Information!

    To purchase a yearbook, go to www.jostens.com.  Early purchases get you free icons or cheaper book prices, so buy early to get the most for your buck!!!

    Baby Pictures are Needed!!

    Let your parents know that yearbook is looking for a baby picture to place next to your senior portrait.  They can email those photos to Mr. Nahill at snahill@lrhsd.org, but they need to do it by December 1st to guarantee they will be used.

    Before voting, you will be asked to give some information about yourself, so think about what you will say prior to logging in.  If you type your thoughts out, you can copy and paste them into the form.

    1. Memory: What is your favorite memory or time here at Seneca? You can skip this question if you don't want to answer.

    2. Fact: What is one unique fact about you that most people might not know? You can skip this question if you don't want to answer.

    3. Awards/Accolades: What awards or accolades have you won here at Seneca? You can skip this question if you don't want to answer.

    4. Favorite Teacher:  Who was your favorite teacher while you were here at Seneca and why?  You can skip this question if you don't want to answer.


    Nominate your classmates in for the following categories by November 25th.  The top candidates voted in will be announced and their photos will be taken on December 6th.  For votes to count, please use full names and not nicknames or first or last names only. This will help the staff to accurately and quickly pick the winners. If you do not have a nominee for a particular category you can leave it blank.

    Cutest Couple (Two Names)

    Best Dressed (Boy and Girl)

    Funniest Person (Boy and Girl)

    Best Eyes (Boy and Girl)

    Most Athletic (Boy and Girl)

    Most Involved (Boy and Girl)

    Most Likely to Marry a Celebrity (Boy and Girl)

    Best Film Star (Boy and Girl)

    Most Musical (Boy and Girl)

    Mr. Seneca (Boy and Girl with the Most School Spirit)

    Most Artistic (Boy and Girl)

    Most Academic (Boy and Girl)

    Most Likely to Become a Seneca Teacher (Boy and Girl)

    Friendliest Person (Boy and Girl)

    Best Set of Twins

    Most Honest Person (Boy and Girl)

    Most Likely to Enter Politics (Boy and Girl)

    Best Friends (Two Full Names)

    Best Smile (Boy and Girl)

    Best Hair (Boy and Girl)

    Best Laugh (Boy and Girl)

    Most Tech-Savvy (Boy and Girl)

    Unsung Hero (Boy and Girl)