Culinary Club Safety Contract 2019-2020

    Dear Parent/Guardian:                                                        

    ________________________________ wishes to participate in

                (please Print name)

    a Family and Consumer Science sponsored club that will involve working with machinery and kitchen equipment for the year 2019-2020.

    For student protection, we teach the necessary fundamentals of kitchen safety to prevent any possible accidents.  The students receive an explanation and demonstration of safe procedures prior to using laboratory equipment.

    Students have been told they must inform the teacher of any injury, regardless of how slight, at the time of injury.  Our laboratories are modern and equipped with high-quality equipment that requires the utmost caution from students.  

    Please sign and return this permission slip to signify that you have been informed of our safety precautions.  This notice will be posted on the Activities Page for the Culinary Club for future reference.

    Thank you.   I look forward to a rewarding experience with your student in the Culinary Club this Fall and Spring Semesters!


    Ms. Margaret Molz

    Family & Consumer Science Teacher

    Advisor for the Culinary Club


    This is to indicate that I am aware that my child is expected to adhere to the prescribed rules of safety while in the Family and Consumer Science classroom and laboratory for the Culinary Club. 


    Parent/Guardian Signature:________________________________________