• Cadet Goals

    1. Health and Wellness - Develop Physical Training program tailored to enhance each students’ individual physical wellness needs. Goal: 90% of cadets improve all components of PT score that was taken in Fall 2019 on the PT test in Spring 2020. 
    1. Drill  -    All freshman cadets will be able to perform the 30 step drill sequence by day of the inspection and the Corps will participate in at least 3 Drill Competitions this academic year.
    2. Academics- Appoint an Academic Director staff position in the Corps to ensure all cadets obtain an average of a 2.5 GPA or higher by the end of each semester

    School Goals

    1. Recruiting
      1. Have a 100% retention rate of all cadets currently enrolled in program
      2. Recruit 50 or more 8th graders for the 2020-2021 academic year
      3. Hold a minimum of 2 recruiting events for each middle school
      4. Develop a recruiting plan to bring the total cadet enrollment numbers to 120 cadets for academic year 2020-2021. 
    1. Assist and support a minimum of 3 school run events per semester

    Community Goals

    1. Community Service - Earn National recognition by the Air Force for the number of community service hours obtained this academic year.  


           2. Community Service -  At a minimum, exceed 10 hours per cadet each semester during the year, and participate in at least 5 community sponsored events per semester to raise awareness of the program (VFW, Parades, Rotary, etc)

2019-2020 Unit Goals