• 2021-2022 Goals

    Cadet Impact Goals:

    1. Have 90% of the corps participate in at least 1 LDR and establish 1 new LDR
    2. Each cadet will maintain a 3.0 GPA for the year and utilize the network of cadet tutors and wingmen when needed.
    3. Re-establish an innovative orientation for new cadets to learn about the program.
    4. Have at least 10-15 people join all LDRs and be active within them.


    School Impact Goals:

    1. Recruit 10 new cadets and have a retention rate of current cadets of at least 90%.
    2. Host and participate in 2 Recruiting events and 2 Virtual Recruiting Events
    3. The Cadet Corps will assist and support 5 Seneca High School sponsored events per Semester in order to raise awareness of the program throughout the school


    Community Impact Goals:

    1. Earn the Silver Star Community Service with Excellence Award or obtain a 35 hour average of community service per cadet for the year.
    2. Plan enough events to all cadets to have access to at least 30 hours of community service each semester and have each cadet obtain at least 15 hours each semester.

2020-2021 Unit Goals