• Hello interested participant,


      This year we are going to sign up for powder puff during psat day testing day.  (this Wednesday)

    If you want to participate you have to bring $20 into school with you. Sign ups will ONLY take place Wednesday morning in the holding area. (Auditorium)

       We will be allowing all interested students to sign up. Traditionally the boys are cheerleaders and the girls play in the game. At this point we will take all who want to sign up. We cannot guarantee you will get to play in the game until we see final numbers of the signups. So to make it easier we will ask you to pick the category that best defines you when you sign up:

    1. Absolutely want to play in the game and will make all practices
    2. Want the shirt, want to go to practice, ok if you don’t play during the actual game
    3. I’m just here for the cool shirt 

    Hopefully this allows us to avoid cutting any people that want to really play. Let us know if you have any questions

    The game will be held on Tuesday night at 7:00 Nov 12


    Mr. Repsher and Ms. Betts