Seneca School Celebrations

Seneca College Hall

  • Seneca High School celebrates Two Graduations with the College Hall display. It features pennants representing the schools to which our seniors have matriculated. Gold pins on the map show where they are pursuing their next exciting chapter.

Seneca College Acceptances

  • In addition to posting college acceptances on our websites, Seneca High School administrators celebrate our students by reading their names and the college to which they were accepted on the morning annoucements. This initiative has promoted dialogue about post-high school plans, as students are excited to see who else from Seneca might be attending the same school. At our Academic Awards ceremony, the names of our seniors and where they are matriculating scrolled across the big screen.

Photo television at Seneca displaying the Two Graduations graphic with a student's name and university.

Senior Athletes

Student Athlete College Signing

Several Seneca students standing together and wearing the t-shirt of the college they will be attending.

2021 Graduation

Seneca Teachers' Colleges

  • Posted in a display case throughout the year are teachers' photos next to the college or university they attended. Students enjoy talking about their future plans with teachers, especially when they know the faculty member went to the school they plan to attend.  Next to the display is a map of the United States charting where Seneca students will continue their studies on their paths to two graduations. Placecards are also displayed outside of classrooms to inform students about where their teacher attended high school and college.

Bulletin board with photos of  Seneca teachers and where they earned their degree.

Military Hall

  • Military Hall honors students choosing to join the armed forces after high school.

Mortarboards at Graduation

Photo of two students' graduation caps decorated in the style of the college they will be attending.