• Strategic Planning Objectives

    Health and Wellness

    Objective 1: Improve direct communication with all stakeholders to meet the health and wellness needs of all our students.

    Objective 2: Infuse instructional opportunities to teach digital citizenship throughout the school and community.

    Objective 3: Improve and expand on existing resources and curricula to educate the school community on mental health and substance abuse.

    Objective 4: Develop programs to support the mental, social and emotional needs of all students during the school day.

    Objective 5: Establish a safe and comfortable student center to develop a supportive environment where students can learn (Zen Center, home instruction in building, etc.)

  • Student Achievement

    Objective 1: Re-evaluate the program of studies to reflect modern life and career practice. 

    Objective 2: Create more opportunities for students to explore vocational and career experiences.

    Objective 3: Provide opportunities for all staff to grow professionally in their content areas.

    Objective 4: Create a technological plan that reflects the needs of our students and enhances instruction. 

    Objective 5: Increase and improve communication about academic progress.

    Objective 6: Analyze the LRHSD assessment systems to increase performance-based assessments while promoting transfer.

  • Soft Skills for Career and Life

    Objective 1: Enhance students’ abilities to effectively communicate both verbally and non-verbally.

    Objective 2: Increase opportunities for student collaboration in and out of the classroom.

    Objective 3: Teach students how to solve problems and resolve conflicts.

    Objective 4: Support opportunities to enhance time management and encourage perseverance, resiliency, confidence and social skills for all students.