• Jack Fox
    Jack Fox Sportsmanship Award

     Each year, Shawnee High School Presents the Jack Fox Sportsmanship Award to both a male and female honoree.  The recipients of this award are voted on by all the head coaches.  This is a special award because it is named after the late Mr. John "Jack" Fox, a Medford resident and long time Shawnee fan and supporter.  Mr. Fox was an inductee of the 2007 Shawnee Athletic Hall of Fame, and was the epitome of good sportsmanship.  Jack Fox treated all athletes, teams, coaches and officials like family.  The inscription on the plaque which the athlete receives states:  

     "Awarded to the athlete who best exemplified the qualities of good sportsmanship by treating teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials with dignity and respect and for always keeping the spirit of the sport in view while competing."

Jack Fox Sportsmanship Honorees

Year Female Honoree Male Honoree
2022 Camryn Epstein Owen Healy
2021 Marguerite Schaefer Thomas Rebstock
2020 Erin Florio Daniel Kaighn
2019 Toni Marmo Patrick O'Hanlon
2018 Carly Clapperton Ryan Artis
2018 Libby Ennis
2017 Jessica Pratt James T. Mogan
2016 Allison Jones Jake Miller
2015 Bridget O'Hanlon Dom Silvestro
2014 Kayla Bertolino Nick Corbi
2013 Amanda Gordon Josh Borrelli
2012 Megan Swiatkowski Peter Murray
2011 Marina Mestres Francis Canuso
2010 Angela Canale Tom Little
2009 Jackie Adams Kevin Hickey
2008 Michelle Arfuso Gary Devine