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Special thanks to Mr. Townsend and his 2011-12 Photo II students for creating our amazing "Lenape Media Center" sign!
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You voted and the winner is......
Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly  
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Seniors Teaching Seniors: Lenape HS Seniors Teaching Brightview Residents Technology
The 2016 Kevin Todd Memorial AIDS Walk & NHS Carnival  a Success!  
Donation of $2,000 Presented to Lisa O'Neill of Spirit of the Holidays
Donation to Spirit of the Holidays!  
Thanks to all students and staff who participated in the mock Presidential caucus and primary voting on Feb. 23-25 in the media center.  Special thanks to all students who caucused for the candidates! Sanders & Trump were the big winners (see full election results here)  
Let's see how the real primary race turns out!
 Students Caucus for Candidates!

Mission Statement: The mission of the Lenape High School media center program is to instruct and support our students and staff in the effective and ethical use of information and technology, empowering the LHS community to construct and share knowledge and to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and lifelong learners equipped with twenty-first century information literacy skills.

VISION: The LHS media center will be the information hub of the school. 
Hamlet Trial by Ms. Mustaccio's classes
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