• Senior Prom Rules & Regulations

    To attend Cherokee High School's Senior Prom, parents/guardians and students must acknowledge and comply with the guidelines listed below.  Students attending this function with a guest who does NOT attend Cherokee must understand they are responsible for the conduct of their guest.  Additionally, the guest must follow and adhere to the guidelines as written.
    All students and guests attending the Cherokee Senior Prom may be subject to a breathalyzer test given at the door or during the function.
    Students and guests suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be taken to the hospital for an immediate drug/alcohol assessment.  Non-students suspected of being under the influence will be refused admittance and turned over to the police.  If a student consumes/uses drugs or alcohol before or during the prom, the parents will be notified and required to have an immediate drug/alcohol assessment of their child.  If the test is positive, suspension from school will result as per Board Policy:  5531 and 5532.
    Student infractions of any school rules while attending the prom will be treated as stated in the school discipline procedures.  This includes but it not limited to smoking; Smoking is prohibited.
    Students who invite guesst who are not students of Cherokee High School are responsible for the conduct of their guests.  Therefore, if a guest of a student misbehaves and it becomes necessary to exclude that person, both the offending party and his/her escort will be excluded.  NOTE:  Guests must be between high school age and no older than 20 years old.  (without approval of school principal).
    The venue requires shoes and shirts be worn throughout the event.  It is strongly recommended that girls bring flat shoes or flip flops to change into for comfort.
    Students must arrive before 8 p.m. and must remain until 10PM.  Students who arrive after 8PM will not be admitted.  In addition, students will not be permitted to leave the prom and return.