1. Alcoholic Beverages/Drugs: Possession, distribution, purchase and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages/drugs are prohibited and will be cause for terminating the trip for the person(s) involved. The parents/guardians and/or student(s) will assume all legal and financial expenses for the trip home. Any student found in either of the above situations will be suspended out of school for ten days upon his/her return to New Jersey. The revised BOE discipline policy states:..... "Any drug/alcohol violation while on the senior trip or during the senior prom, even if it does not constitute a third senior suspension, will also result in the loss of privilege of participating in commencement exercises and all other senior activities."

    2. Stealing: Stealing regardless of how small the value is prohibited. Disney security is extremely advanced. As stated above, the penalty will result in termination of the trip at the expense of the parents/guardians and a ten-day suspension upon the student(s) arrival at home. Disney will arrest and prosecute any violators.

    3. Property Damage: Chaperones have the authority to search persons, personal belongings and accommodations whenever they deem such action necessary. Room checks will be held daily (10 AM in the morning and 11 PM at night). The occupants of each room will be financially responsible for any property damage. All rooms should be inspected upon arrival and any damage reported immediately to the chaperones.

    4. Curfew: Curfew will be at 11PM. Lights out will be at 12:00 AM. If a student is out of their room after curfew or before 6:00 AM they will be detained at the hotel under the supervision of a chaperone and lose that day's activities/privileges.

    5. All student activities are limited to the premises of Walt Disney World, which includes; Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, MGM, Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney and our Disney Resort. Students who depart from the authorized areas will be suspended and subject to being sent home at the expense of their parents/guardians.

    6. Room visiting is off-limits for members of the opposite sex.

    7. Violations: Violations of any school policy, Disney Resorts and/or local, public, or Florida state law will be dealt with accordingly.

    8. Appropriate airport and airplane behavior is a must. Do not remove any items from the airplane. Adhere to all Federal Regulations, violators will be removed and prosecuted.

    It should be understood by both the members of the class of 2020 and their parents that this is a school trip conducted largely during school time, entirely under school supervision, and entirely under school rules. Each student will be held personally responsible for his/her conduct on this trip.