• Study Guide Questions for The Crucible



    Directions:  Answer the following questions as we move through The Crucible. All of the answers can be found in the text.



    1. How many men and women were convicted and executed for witchcraft in 1692? (vii)

    1. What year did the Massachusetts General Assembly pass a resolution regarding the witch trials? (vii)

    1. What is the “one text” that would be consulted regarding witchcraft? (viii)

    1. Why did Elizabeth Proctor survive? (viii)

    1. Molly Kazan states that witches didn’t exist, but what did? (x)

    1. By the end of the seventeenth century, how many people are estimated to have been executed as witches worldwide? (xi)

    1. What did the House Un-American Activities Committee offer (along with religion)? (xii)

    1. What was Reverend Parris concerned with? (xiii)

    1. How old were the real John Proctor and Abigail Williams? (xiv)

    1. What was Giles Corey’s wife fond of? (xiv)

    1. The parallel that is drawn is between Salem in 1692 and what? (xv)

    1. What is one dictionary definition of a “crucible?” (xvi)

    1. The first three witches named were Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osburne. What does the book refer to them as? (xviii)

    1. What is the name of the “evidence” that is given? (xix)

    1. Are witch hunts still conducted in the present day? (xxv)



    Directions:  Answer the following questions as we move through The Crucible.

    Act One

    1.     Describe Reverend Parris? (Three sentences minimum)

    1.    Why would the people of Salem not be allowed to read a novel?

    1.    What do the people of Salem think of the Native Americans? Why?

    1.    Who is Tituba?

    1.    What did Parris discover Betty and Abigail doing in the forest?

    1.    Why is Parris concerned about what they did in the forest?

    1.    Who else is “ill” besides Betty?

    1.    Describe Thomas Putnam. (Three sentences minimum)

    1.    Why does Mrs. Putnam send for Tituba?

    1.  Why does Betty claim Abigail drank the blood?

    1.  What do you learn about Abigail’s history (childhood) when she is threatening the other girls?

    1.  What does John Proctor think of himself?

    1.  What used to be the relationship between John Proctor and Abigail Williams?

    1.  Why does Rebecca Nurse have enemies if she is such a nice person?

    1.  What does Rebecca suggest is the reason for Betty’s delirium?

    1.  What complaint does Proctor make regarding the way Reverend Parris delivers his sermons?

    1.  What evidence is there that Reverend Parris is greedier than the average Reverend? (Two ways)

    1.  Describe Reverend Hale. (Three sentences minimum)

    1.  Why is Giles concerned about his wife?

    1. What jumped into the soup during the dancing?

    1.  What is Abigail accusing Tituba of doing?

    1. How do Hale and Parris differ in their approaches with Tituba?



    Act Two


    1. How many days have passed from the end of Act I to the beginning of Act II?

    1. What has Salem developed to handle the witch situation?

    1. What does Elizabeth want John to do?

    1. Why are Elizabeth and John arguing?

    1. What gift does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth?

    1. Besides being pregnant, how does Sarah Good get away with not being sentenced to death by hanging while Goody Osburn is?

    1. What is John Proctor’s argument against what the court is doing?

    1. Why does Elizabeth assume that Abigail wants her dead?

    1. About what does Hale question the Proctors?

    1. What does Proctor claim is the reason he does not go to church often?

    1. What is the real reason Martha is charged?

    1. How does Abigail incriminate Elizabeth?



    Act III.

    1. Why is Giles Corey so upset?

    1. What do Cheever and Parris say to cast doubt on Proctor’s reputation?

    1. What does John learn about Elizabeth?

    1. How did Proctor’s plan (having 91 people sign the affidavit) backfire?

    1. What is Giles trying to prove about Thomas Putnam’s motivation?

    1. Why is Giles arrested? What is the specific charge?

    1. Why do you think Mary Warren was able to faint in the courtroom, but not when she is being interrogated?

    1. What stunt does Abigail pull to defer the blame away from herself?

    1. How does Elizabeth’s testimony backfire?

    1. Of what does Mary accuse John Proctor?  Why do you think she does this?



    Act IV


    1. What is Hale doing with the prisoners in jail?

    1. Why does Abigail run away?

    1. What does Parris suggest to Danforth?

    1. What did Parris find in his door? What does this suggest?

    1. What reason does Danforth give for having to hang the remainder of the prisoners?

    1. According to Hale, what has happened to Salem?  

    1. What reason does Hale give for returning to Salem?

    1. Who still has not confessed besides John?

    1. What does Giles’ death reveal about his character?

    1. Why does Proctor think that he has been “rotten” for some time?

    1. Why does Elizabeth blame herself for John’s adultery?

    1. Why does John Proctor want to keep his signed confession rather than it become public?