• Shawnee Equal Access Clubs:


    Equal Access Clubs are groups of students who meet on an irregular basis to discuss subjects of their own choosing.  These clubs are student-initiated and are supervised by non-paid volunteer staff.  They are also subject to change.  These clubs do not require a participation fee.  If you would like to initiate an Equal Access Club, please stop in and see Mr. Dodd in the Athletics Office!  Below is a directory of current Equal Access Clubs:

Club Name Club Supervisor Email
Animal Welfare Club Ms. Madison Chrupcala mchrupcala@lrhsd.org
Anime and Manga Club Mr. Philip Langan plangan@lrhsd.org
Art of the Album Club Mr. David Master dmaster@lrhsd.org
ASL (American Sign Language) Club Mrs. Black kblack@lrhsd.org
Blue Crew Mrs. Margaret Fanourgakis mfanourgakis@lrhsd.org
Book Club Co-Advisor Mrs. Christina Ognibene cognibene@lrhsd.org
Book Club Co-Advisor Ms. Krista LaMorgese klamorgese@lrhsd.org
Charity Water Club Mr. Davon Loeb dloeb@lrhsd.org
Culinary Club Mrs. Margaret Molz mmolz@lrhsd.org
Fashion Club Ms. Ashley Gerber agerber@lrhsd.org
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Mr. Robert Joubert rjoubert@lrhsd.org
Fishing Club Mr. Kip Patterson kippatterson@lrhsd.org
Garden Club Mrs. Molz mmolz@lrhsd.org
History Through Film Mr. Zachary Baer zbaer@lrhsd.org
Justice Choir Mr. Robert Joubert rjoubert@lrhsd.org
Live Like Casey Mr. Patterson jpatterson@lrhsd.org
Make A Wish Club (Kids for Wish Kids) Co-Advisor Mrs. Erin O'Neill erinoneill@lrhsd.org
Make-A-Wish Club (Kids for Wish Kids) Co-Advisor Ms. Jennifer O'Connell joconnell@lrhsd.org
Morgan's Message Mrs. Julie Cancila jcancila@lrhsd.org
Philosophy Mr. Michael Casey mcasey@lrhsd.org
Photo Club Mr. Christian Hochenberger chochenberger@lrhsd.org
S.A.G.E. (Student Artists for Generational Exchange) Ms. Cindy Gallimore cgallimore@lrhsd.org
Self Defense Training Club Mrs. Angela Miller amiller@lrhsd.org
Shawnee Social Media Club Mrs. Raina Marshall rmarshall@lrhsd.org
Sodoku Mrs. Christine Boehmke cboehmke@lrhsd.org
Songwriting David Master dmaster@lrhsd.org
Spirituality Club Ms. Beldin rbeldin@lrhsd.org
Spring Stage Club Mr. Dave Master dmaster@lrhsd.org
Strategy Club Mr. Scott Butler sbutler@lrhsd.org
Yellow Ribbon Club Mrs. Rachel Belville rbelville@lrhsd.org
Youth for Truth: Shawnee Research Society Mr. Zachary Baer zbaer@lrhsd.org