Attendance Policy and Regulation

  • Compulsory attendance at school is a long-standing policy and has been upheld by the courts of New Jersey and the U.S. Supreme Court as a matter of public concern and legislative regulation.
    The Lenape District Board of Education has an obligation to require that the students be present in school in order that they may be taught. This policy is for the benefit of the students, their parents, and the community at large.
    The length of the academic year is generally limited to 180-182 days for students. The curriculum is designed to achieve a maximum educational effect within the limited number of school days. Therefore, any absence from school jeopardizes the ability of a student to complete the prescribed course of study satisfactorily. Maximum attendance is a prescribed condition upon which all courses of study are based. Absence from school jeopardizes the ability of a pupil to satisfactorily complete the prescribed course of study and violates the statutes requiring children to regularly attend school (NJSA 18a-38:25-26).
    Complete copies of the regulations for the attendance policy appear in the district handbook and are available in the main offices of the high schools or please refer to Policy 5200: Attendance. Please refer to Regulation 5200: Attendance

Attendance Policy Overview Video