Lenape Regional High School District Registration Process

Step 1: Make a Registration Appointment Call

  • A parent/guardian must contact the appropriate high school using the Contact Information listed above.

    Parent/Guardian: a parent listed on the birth certificate or guardian with court issued documentation must be the primary contact for the student  during the enrollment process.

    If you are unsure of which high school to register your child, please go to At Which School Does My Child Register?

    Students residing in Evesham and Mount Laurel are eligible to attend the Small School Option at Seneca High School. Visit the Small School Option website for more information.

    Any student entering the Lenape Regional High School District must register at their home school even if the student will be attending an out-of-district placement.

    Students must sign out from their previous school before enrolling in their new school. Please make sure to obtain a copy of the withdrawal documentation.  In addition, supporting academic information such as a recent report card, an unofficial transcript, standardized test scores and discipline records are necessary in this process.

    If the student is receiving special education or 504 services, you must disclose this information at the time of the appointment call. All supporting documentation will be required at the time of the initial IEP meeting.

Step 2: Complete Online Student Enrollment

  • A parent/guardian will be provided with direction to access the Online Student Enrollment site during their Appointment Call. Other arrangements will be made to complete the enrollment process to accommodate limitation in internet access.

    Completion of the enrollment/registration process is necessary for student to obtain the following:

    • Online access via LRHSD network, including email, document storage, Google Classroom, online textbooks, etc.
    • Current and next school year course selections
    • Parent/Guardian access to online notification system


Step 3: Required Documents for Student Registration

    • Student original birth certificate, Student’s original or certified copy of birth certificate (with parents’ name)
      • Custody agreement, if applicable
    • Student’s most recent report card, transcript and withdrawal form from the previous school
    • Any student transferring from outside of the Lenape Regional High School District must have a physical examination upon entry to school.
      • A current completed physical formThe physical form should be taken to your physician and returned at the time of registration. If this is not possible, please have the appointment date available when registering.
    • Student’s immunizations records:
      • HEPATITIS B VACCINE - 3 doses
      • VARICELLA - 1 dose -- mandatory prior to attendance if born on or after 1/1/98 or date of varicella disease (chickenpox)
      • Meningococcal -- mandatory prior to attendance if born on or after 1/1/97