Lenape Regional High School District Registration Process

Step One: Make a Registration Appointment

  • A parent/guardian must contact the appropriate high school at number listed above.

    A parent listed on the birth certificate or guardian with court issued documentation must accompany the student for the enrollment process.

    Any student entering the Lenape Regional High School District must register at their home school even if the student will be attending an out-of-district placement.

    Students must sign out from their previous school before enrolling in their new school.  At the time of the appointment, please provide withdrawal documentation. Supporting academic information such as a recent report card, an unofficial transcript and standardized test scores are helpful in this process.

    If the student is receiving special education or 504 services, you must disclose this information prior to the registration appointment. Bring all supporting documentation to the meeting including current IEP.

Step Two: Complete Enrollment Paperwork

  • A parent/guardian should complete the enrollment documents prior to arriving for their appointment. Enrollment paperwork is also available at each high school's counseling center.

    Incomplete registration paperwork may lead to rescheduling an appointment. Course selections cannot be finalized until all required registration paperwork has been received.

    Any student transferring from outside of the Lenape Regional High School District must have a physical examination upon entry to school.

    In order for a student to register, an original birth certificate must be provided along with the required forms listed below.


Step Three: Bring the Following Documents to Registration Appointment

  •            a. HEPATITIS B VACCINE - 3 doses

               b. VARICELLA - 1 dose -- mandatory prior to attendance if born on or after 1/1/98 or date of varicella disease (chickenpox)

               c. Meningococcal -- mandatory prior to attendance if born on or after 1/1/97


    • A current completed physical form. The physical form should be taken to your physician and returned at the time of registration. If this is not possible, please have the appointment date available when registering.
    • Student’s original or certified copy of birth certificate (with parents’ name)
    • Special education information including copy of current IEP, if applicable
    • Custody agreement, if applicable
    • Any medication forms, if applicable