Facility Scheduling

  • 9/17/2020 Update:  

    Due to the continuing concerns with Covid-19, all indoor school facilities will continue to remain closed for use until further notice.  Please do not enter any requests for after school hour indoor events at this time into rSchooltoday.  

    Outdoor field use is permitted at this time.

                (1)        Outside Groups, in addition to the requirements from the Use of Facilities Policy #7510, will also need the following during the duration of the pandemic, prior to approval for Use of Athletic Field Rentals:

                            i.          Facility user’s certificate of insurance policy provide coverage to the user for COVID-19 related claims

                               ii.         Provide the District with their Return to Play Protocols

                (2)        Upon approval by the District for Use of Athletic Field Rental the Outside Group will need to provide the following:

                            i.          Each organization must sign the  District Waiver/Release for Return to Play - COVID-19

                               ii.         Each person participating in the activity of the organization must sign the  District COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgement and Acceptance Form

                (3)        Inclement Weather

                             i.          If there is the possibility of inclement weather during the outside activity, each participant’s parent/guardian must remain on site or the outside group must have a plan in place in case of the need for shelter, because there will not be access to indoor facilities.

    Use of School Facilities Policy

    Please refer to Policy 7510: Use of School Facilities

                          Policy 1648:  Restart and Recovery Plan 

                          District Waiver/Release for Return to Play - Covid-9

                         District COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgement and Acceptance Form

    For facility scheduling, please use this link.

    If you have any questions, email FacilityScheduling@lrhsd.org.