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  • 2016-2017 Lenape District Review
    LRHSD Director of Programs and Planning Matthew Webb gave a presentation to the Board of Education about the District's academic, athletic, extra-curricular and community service accomplishments during the 2016-2017 school year. As part of the presentation, Assessment, Accountability & Planning Coordinator Dr. Justin Smith reviewed results from this year's PARCC testing.
  • Employment
    Natalie Koerber Special Education
    Kyle Nicastro Athletic Trainer
    Katherine Posch Nurse Paraprofessional
    Kathleen Faucett Interim Math
    Lauren Albanese P/T Paraprofessional
    Danielle Blythe Interim Special Education
    Jennine Dolores P/T Paraprofessional
    William Johnson  Custodian
    Sean McGough Security Assistant
    Colleen Olson P/T Paraprofessional
    Jennifer Strobl Interim English
    Joesph Taglienti  Interim Social Studies 
    Kelly Bulger  Guidance
    Amanda Kowalsky P/T Security
    Jesse Wagner P/T Security 
  • Leaves of Absence
    Name  Location
    Judith Davis  District
    Keith Giberson  Lenape
    Maria Lord Lenape
    * The Board of Education approved the monetary donation of $300 for Cherokee's Wood Lab from Lincoln Investment.
    * The Board of Education approved the monetary donation of $300 for Cherokee's Music Program from Marlton Buisness Association.
    * The Board of Education approved the monetary donation of $100 for Cherokee's Music Program from Evesham Mortgage.

    * The Board of Education approved the donation of shirts valued at $600 for Shawnee's Football Program from the Flying W Airport.

    * The Board of Education approved the monetary donation of $500 for Shawnee's Weight Room Equipment from SHS Boys' Soccer Booster Club.

    * The Board of Education approved the monetary donation of $500 for Shawnee's Weight Room Equipment from SHS Boys' Lacrosse Booster Club.

    * The Board of Education approved the monetary donation of $2,800 for Shawnee's Weight Room Equipment from SHS Boys' Football Booster Club. 

  •                                                                 Resignations & Retirements
    Name  Location  Position  Effective Date
    Patricia Costello Seneca Business 10/1/17
    Jamie Gaymon Lenape Security Assistant 8/14/17
    Michael Haas District IT Coordinator 8/28/17
    Brian Jenkins Lenape Paraprofessional 9/1/17
    Stephanie Knoell Shawnee Special Education 8/23/17
    Paul Kramer Lenape  Security Assistant 9/1/17
    Michael McKenty Shawnee Paraprofessional 9/1/17
  • Transfers & Promotions
    Name  From  To  Effective Date
    Robert Antoniewicz Seneca Paraprofessional Sequoia Paraprofessional 9/1/17
    Jason Russell Shawnee Custodian Shawnee Cust. Shift Supv. 9/1/17
    Leslie Schmauder Seneca Paraprofessional Shawnee Special Education 9/1/17
  • Miscellaneous
    Numerous other requests for approval of student activities and education items were approved by the Board of Education. These approvals are reflected in the formal minutes of the meeting which are available in the office of the Board of Education secretary.
    The next Board of Education meeting is Wednesday, September 27th at 7:30 p.m. at the Lenape District Administration Building in Shamong.