• Boat Building Program


    The Boat Building Program at Sequoia runs under the supervision of Mr. Warner and Mr. Comerford at the Independence Seaport Museum  in Philadelphia, PA. Our students learn the value of team work while gaining some hands-on experience in carpentry, reading drafts, work place safety, and proper handling of tools, materials, and waste while constructing rescue boat.  This program builds upon the core principles of education and curriculum that students are already learning in their traditional school settings by taking it a step further.  Our students’ classroom knowledge is enhanced via an intensive hands-on experiential learning approach to informal education through our Boatbuilding Program in ISM’s traditional wooden boat shop, The Workshop on the Water.  It is through this program that students work together to build a wooden boat from start to finish where the boat is a vehicle for teaching key concepts in Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Engineering, Design, Construction, Technology, English Language Arts, Ecology, and Chemistry, as well as Team-building and Leadership.