Lenape Family and Consumer Science Department

    Mr. William Murray
    Assistant Principal
    Mr. Tom Tamburello


    Family and Consumer Science Department Teachers

    Mrs. Lana Jones
    Mrs. Nicole Hotz
    Mrs. Sarah Francois

    Mrs. Amanda Keeports 

    Ms. Karen Thomas 

    Mr. Chris Easlick 





    Family and Consumer Science Courses
    at Lenape High School




    Fashion and Clothing is a basic fabric construction and fashion appreciation course where students learn safe and correct use of sewing machine, pattern alteration and interpretation, wardrobe planning, textiles and clothing care as applied to selected projects which vary according to student’s abilities. Students will gain an understanding of career opportunities in fashion, design and technology in a multi-cultural society. Intro. to Living Skills is recommended as a background to this course.

    A full-year course designed to expose students to more advanced concepts in clothing construction as well as fashion history and areas of the fashion industry as career choices. Students will complete two hands-on sewing projects, one home arts project as well as a variety of fashion history and design assignments. Some of the items addressed in the course include: designing fashions for today’s consumer, fashion history from the 1500s to the present, introduction to the over lock serger, using fabric in the home, altering ready-to-wear garments, creating a pattern. Prerequisite: Fashion and Clothing.

    Full year comprehensive class studying nutritional needs throughout the life cycle and for various lifestyles. Students will prepare a wide diversity of foods using a variety of food preparation techniques. Intro to Living Skills is recommended as a background for this course.

    A comprehensive course where students learn the elements and principles of design and how they apply to home decorating, architectural styles, period furniture, wall arrangements and accessories. They will learn to arrange furniture, design floor plans and elevations, design kitchens, select window treatments and lighting for efficiency and aesthetics. As a result of this course, students will have increased decision making skills that can be applied to their present and future lifestyle.

     A survey course designed to give a general knowledge of life skills. This is a full-year course divided into segments. The units are: basic cooking, nutrition, consumer skills, sewing, child development relationships, housing, and careers.

    Includes units on meal planning and preparation, repair and care of clothing, and becoming an aware shopper in today’s society. Students will be given the opportunity to develop personal management skills to become effective consumers. After completing this course students progress to Intro. to Living Skills.

    Designed to prepare students to be employable in the community. This course is broken into units: Job Sampling, Career Exploration, Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, Safety on the Job and in the Community, Managing Money, and Lifestyle Planning.

    Available for classified students who need small group instruction and are recommend by the Child Study Team. The course includes units: Clothing Essentials, Household Products, Directories, and Guides, Household Safety, Nutrition, and Cooking/Entertaining.



    Most challenging clothing course utilizing more difficult patterns, pattern alterations, plaids, laces and tailoring techniques. Students selecting this course should have a strong background in clothing construction. Prerequisite: Creative Clothing and Fashion and Clothing.

    Designed for students interested in the field of child development. Students will gain knowledge in child growth and the interrelationship of all areas of development. Units of study include decisions in parenting, prenatal development, and guiding a child from birth to preschool age. Students will explore the various roles and techniques for working with children through readings, observations, projects and guests speakers.

     An advanced level class where students have the opportunity to strengthen their parenting skills through increased study of developmental stages as well as an expanded preschool program. Students will improve their problem solving, decision making and critical thinking skills. Units of study will include special needs children, various family models in our diverse society and the proper care of a preschool child to insure a healthy and safe environment. This course would prepare students to work in the field of early childhood education and develop skills necessary for balancing a career and family while gaining in-depth knowledge of human growth and development. Prerequisite: Child Development I.

    Allows the student to explore a variety of fabrics, sewing equipment, and techniques. The students’ individuality can be expressed through a selection of projects. Prerequisite: Fashions & Clothing.

    Offers students a variety of food preparation techniques. These include preparation of hors d’oeuvres, cake decorations, garnishing, soups, sauces, and various specialty foods. Careers in foods will be discussed.

    Provides the students with an opportunity to gain a more comprehensive education in the field of food preparation, safety and sanitation. The focus will be on the traditions and cooking styles of foreign countries as well as on regional cooking of the United States. Students will improve their problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking skills.

    A junior/senior semesterized course designed to prepare the student for self-sufficiency. Units of study will include: values clarification and goal setting, understanding self and others, communication and decision making skills, maintaining healthy lifestyles, career and employment investigation, and managing personal finances and housing. This course will help the student to manage their life well by making informed decisions regarding relationships and using their skills and talents to meet day to day challenges now and in the future.