• Welcome to the home of the Lenape High School Marching Band 

    Thirty-Two time New Jersey State, Regional and/or National Champions 

    I.   Who we are
    II.  Where we have performed
    III. Competition success
    IV. What the band does (schedule, etc.)
    I.   Who we are
    The Lenape High School Marching Band is an extra-curricular activity that competes on local and national marching circuits.  The band also performs in festivals and parades throughout the United States and Canada.  The marching band is under the direction of Steve Waldron.  
    This is a great activity!  Friendships, Fun, Family, Hard Work, Time Management Skills, Dedication, Leadership, Self Awareness, Enthusiasm, Team Work, School Spirit, Pride & Accomplishment are some of the experiences and attributes you will acquire as a member of our program!
    II.  Where we have performed
    Recent performances include the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Miss America Parades,
    2018 6ABC Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade,
    2019 QVC West Chester Christmas Parade,
    NFL GameDay Morning on the NFL Network (January 21, 2018),
    New Jersey State Championships - Rutger's University,  USBands National Championship - Giants (Met Life) Stadium,
    Vincentown Memorial Day Parade, Medford Halloween Parade, Mount Laurel Day Fall Festival,
    Disneyland - Anaheim, California,  Lincoln Memorial - Washington, D.C.,  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, Ohio,
    EPCOT and Magic Kingdom - Orlando, Florida,  Busch Gardens - Williamsburg, Virginia,  Six Flags New England - Agawam, Massachusetts,
    Baltimore Harbor - Baltimore, Maryland & Toronto, Canada.
    III. Competition success 
    The Lenape Marching Band has a strong "Tradition of Excellence" garnering numerous New Jersey State and National honors.
    1993 - Eastern Marching Band Association Group I New Jersey State & Overall Champion
    1994 - Eastern Marching Band Association Group I New Jersey State & Overall Champion
    1996 - Eastern Marching Band Association Group II New Jersey State & Overall Champion
    1997 - Eastern Marching Band Association Group II New Jersey State & Overall Champion
    1998 - Eastern Marching Band Association Group III New Jersey State Champion
    1999 - Eastern Marching Band Association Group III New Jersey State Champion
    2004 - USBands Group II A All States Champion
    2005 - Cavalcade of Bands American Champion
    2007 - USBands Group II A All States Champion
    2008 - USBands Group II A All States Champion
    2009 - USBands Group II A New Jersey State Champion
    2010 - USBands Group II A New Jersey State Champion
    2011 - USBands Group II A New Jersey State & National Champion
    2012 - USBands Group II OPEN New Jersey State Champion
    2014 - USBands Group II OPEN New Jersey State & National Champion 
    2015 - USBands Group II OPEN New Jersey State Champion
    2016 - USBands Group II OPEN New Jersey State Champion
    2017 - USBands Group II OPEN New Jersey State & Regional Champion
    2018 - USBands Group II OPEN New Jersey State & Regional Champion
    2019 - USBands Group II OPEN New Jersey State & Regional Champion
    2021 - USBands Group  I OPEN New Jersey State Champion
    2022 - USBands Group  I OPEN New Jersey State & National Champion
    IV. What we do (schedule, etc.)
    The Lenape Marching Band performs at all home and away varsity football games.
    The band also performs at local parades and competitions.
    Summer Band Rehearsals & Band Camp Dates:  The band rehearses on Wednesday evenings starting on the first Wednesday after the Fourth of July. (July 5, 2023)
    The rehearsals continue each Wednesday evening, from 6-9PM, until the start of Band Camp.  Band Camp dates may vary from year to year, but usually starts on the third Saturday of August and continues through the following Friday. (August 19, 21-25, 2023)
    Fall rehearsal Schedule:  Once school starts, the full band practices on Monday and Thursday after school from 3-6PM. (September - November)
    The Color Guard will have an additional separate rehearsal on Tuesday OR Wednesday either after school from 3-6PM OR in the evening from 6-8:30PM. (TBA) 
    Football Games:  Usually held on Friday nights (sometimes on a Saturday afternoon).  Students stay after school to perform at the home and away football games.
    Dinner arrangements are made accordingly through our AWESOME Band Parent Organization.
    Competitions:  In the fall, Saturday's are competition days.  Plan on being at Lenape around 12PM or 1PM (depending on the schedule for that weekend)
    The average return time is 11PM.  Sunday competitions are extremely rare, but may occur if our championship is held on that day.
    The fall schedule is handed out during the June Marching Band Meeting each year. (June TBD, 2023 at 7PM, Lenape HS Band Room & LGI Room)
    ** For further information, please contact Steve Waldron at swaldron@lrhsd.org or by calling (609) 654-5111 extension 889100
    Please Note: The Lenape Band Parents organization meets the second Wednesday of each month in the Lenape Band Room at 7:30 PM. Please come and find out what is going on with the Lenape Music Department.