Graduating Student Data Migration

  • ATTENTION SENIORS: Your school email, Genesis access, and school Google account will be DEACTIVATED on Thursday, June 22.

    Before you graduate, you should do the following:


    You should forward all emails that you will need after graduation from your account to your personal email account. 


    Nothing to migrate. You don’t need to do anything.

    Google Data Migration

    Follow these steps to move files from your school Google account to your personal Google account.

    Log into your personal account and check your available storage. Your personal account is any Gmail account not associated with your LRHSD Gmail (

    If you have more than 15GB of files, export your data with Google Takeout:

    Select which data you would like to take with you. 

    1. Start with “Select None.” Most likely you will only want to select Google Drive and maybe a few other things such as sites, Chrome, or YouTube. 

    2. Click next. File type depends on the computer OS.  (zip for Windows and tgz for macOS.) Archive size will split your data into multiple files.  Do not select an archive size higher than 4GB. 

    3. Select Delivery Method. Any option will work.  A link will be sent to your email when Google has completed packaging your Drive.

    If you have less than 15GB of files, transfer your content with Google Takeout:

    Follow the directions on the screen. 

    1. There will only be the option to transfer Drive data.

    2. Select Start Transfer. If the destination account does not have enough free space, you will be notified immediately.