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Kathy Ware Retirement

It certainly is hard to put in a few words all that Kathy Ware means to Shawnee. She has been an educator for 23 years, 13 as a Renegade. She started her career with the Vineland Public Schools teaching home economics. At Shawnee she created such enthusiasm in her fashion and clothing I classes that many students enrolled in the upper level fashion classes each year. A fashion student once remarked, “Mrs. Ware is one of those teachers who brings out the best in her students! She has a unique ability to recognize each student’s strengths and capitalize on that.” Kathy has done so much at Shawnee starting the Threads and Yarns club, the Ambitious Writers’ society, the Shawnee Rack, and Shawnee’s first FCCLA chapter.  She also assisted with character education, the One Book-One school program, freshman orientation, curriculum writing, mentoring, and student recognition committees. Kathy gives 110% each day with a smile and positive energy - no matter how she is feeling. She mentors and travels with students to state competitions and then nationals - coming back very successful each time.  Also, students, who may initially not be confident with their skills in the classroom, blossom into leaders within the building and also in the community because of her approach to teaching and life. Many of these same students often attend fashion and design universities upon graduation.  Kathy will now start a new journey and spend time with her mother, children, and grandchildren.  We wish her much happiness in every aspect of her new life. We will say goodbye for now, but realize she will always be a visible part of the Shawnee family.