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January Students of the Month

Jan. Students of the Month
Congratulations to Laine, Garrett, Megha,  and Eva     Photos taken by Mr. John Townsend
Eva Fleishman    Eva Fleishman  Grade 9
Eva has overcome numerous challenges, including academic struggles in previous years in order to achieve success this year.  She is a conscientious student who has been at the top of her form as a student this year, and these characteristics are displayed throughout all of her classes.  Eva is a student that has made significant changes and is deserving of this recognition as Lenape’s Student of the Month 
Laine Klimick  Laine Klimek  Grade 10

Laine represents the values upon which Lenape prides itself.  She exhibits a passion for learning and challenges herself each and every day.  In the classroom, Laine is a diligent student, but she is an amazing individual both in and out of the classroom.  As a member of Renaissance, Laine recently served as Master of Ceremony during Lenape’s Senior Pinning ceremony.  During this program Laine showed a maturity beyond her years as she was well prepared, enthusiastic, and exuded confidence throughout the evening.  She has a vibrant personality and is a hard worker that is respectful to everyone she encounters.  Laine displays kindness to all and her personality and care for those around her truly reflect her core values. Laine is truly an Upstander and it is a pleasure to have her as a student at Lenape High School.

 Garrett Williams  Garrett Williams  Grade 11

Garrett is a student of incredible dedication and integrity.  He is a high level student with a strong interest in TV Broadcasting.  With his class schedule, Garrett has not had the opportunity to fit the TV Broadcasting class into his schedule.  Despite not having taken the class, Garrett has found the time to be a leader and an active member in Lenape TV.  As Lenape TV’s Graphics Producer, Garrett’s work ethic and determination in creating innovative graphics has been inspiring.  Garrett spends nearly every day during Lunch & Learn and every day after school working on motion video graphics for Lenape Live.  The end result has been impressive visual graphics that enhance the show.  Furthermore, Garrett’s kindness and easy going nature has caused many students to join the Graphics Team.  Garrett has been an integral and irreplaceable member of Lenape TV.

Megha Baradjwada    Megha Bharadwaj  Grade 12

Megha is an exceptional and aspiring student.  Megha is a standout student in her classes and is involved in a variety extracurricular activities.  As part of the Debate Team, Megha has served as co-captain for her junior and senior year.  In this capacity, she has been an inspiration to others as she demonstrates her intellect, drive and dedication.  Megha parlayed this experience to play a prominent role in Lenape’s student-led panel debate for Election 2016, where Megha took the lead on many issues and spoke with confidence and conviction on the candidate’s positions and policies.  Megha has also been instrumental in the success of the Women of the World Club at Lenape High School where she promotes the values of equality, activism and civic engagement among young adults.  Furthermore, Megha is one of the most well rounded students at Lenape and is one who gives 100% to everything that she takes on, making her an excellent representative as Lenape’s Senior Student of the Month.