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World Affairs Council Members Shine at Model UN

model un
 Lenape's World Affairs Council prepares for Model UN!

Laila Salaam, Shannon Freedman, Sarah Moynihan, Pryih Shah, and Glenn Hubbard represented Lenape at the Northeast Regional YMCA Model UN Program (Y-MUN) held in Hershey, Pa. The team spent their time working on complicated world issues and experiencing democracy in action.  The participants proposed and debated resolutions, and voted for the Model UN Secretary General.  

Congratulations to our delegates, who won 29 awards for Character, Respect, Responsibility, and Caring.  
Laila and Priya were nominated for Premier Delegates of committees and Glenn Hubbard negotiated the Security Council Crisis Issue.
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Congratulations to Shannon Freedman and Glenn Hubbard on earning Outstanding First Year Delegate Awards at the YMCA Model UN!
The Model UN experience serves more than 2,000 high school students each year.  The youth-driven conference is planned and executed by high school students and provides an unprecedented simulation of the UN that highlights the themes of collaboration, cultural understanding, and problem solving that are at the core of the organization’s real-life goals. (