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Heads Up, Eyes Forward! wins
again at the
5th Annual U Got Brains
Champion Schools Competition

HUEF wins  
For the fourth time in five years, the LRHSD's Heads Up, Eyes Forward! safe driving campaign was a grand prize winner in the 5th Annual U Got Brains Champion Schools Competition.  The program challenges high schools throughout New Jersey to develop teen driving safety programs for their schools. Of the 59 schools that competed in this year's program, the Heads Up, Eyes Forward! campaign was one of three grand prize winners of a driving simulator.

This year's campaign was produced by LDTV Option 2 students Melissa Cheeseman (Lenape), Adam Derengowski (Lenape), Anthony Devlin (Lenape), Gabby Friedman (Lenape), Justin O'Donnell (Shawnee), Anthony Pizzo (Lenape), Kristen Potosky (Lenape), Jeff Price (Cherokee), and Lindsay Wood (Lenape).  Special thanks to Celine Pence (Lenape) for performing in this year's music video "Out On The Road."
April Safe Driver of the Month
Parking Spot Winners!

Samantha Voiro of Cherokee, Clement Green of Seneca, Marissa Topoloski of Lenape (not pictured), and Shelby Samelson of Shawnee won the exclusive use of the Heads Up, Eyes Forward! Safe Driver of the Month parking spot at their respective schools for displaying the Heads Up, Eyes Forward! magnet on their car.  This premium parking spot is theirs for an entire month!


Don't have a Heads Up, Eyes Forward! magnet?
Lenape District staff and students can pick one up for free
in their school's main office!

About Our Campaign for Safe Driving

The Heads Up, Eyes Forward! team is made up of an enthusiastic group of Lenape Regional High School District students whose mission is to spread the message of safe driving and the dangers of being distracted while behind the wheel.
The LRHSD Heads Up, Eyes Forward! team asks students and community members to like us on Facebook and follow the campaign on Twitter @HeadsUpEyesFWD to help spread the message.  We also have a dedicated Heads Up, Eyes Forward! YouTube page.  It features all of the videos created for the LRHSD campaigns over the past two years, including our most recent video which can be seen below.

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Lenape Regional Team Competes in 5th Annual "U Got Brains?" Competition

For the fifth year in a row, LDTV Option 2 students were selected as a "U Got Brains?" Champion School. The students are now competing against more than 55 other schools from around the state of New Jersey by expanding upon their Heads Up, Eyes Forward! teen driving safety campaign.

14-15 Champion School

For more information about this project, please visit:
U Got Brains

HUEF wins one of three grand prizes at 5th Annual U Got Brains #BIANJChampionSchools competition!

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