Student Activities Comprehensive Calendar


August 25th –28th              Class of 2015 Senior Portraits Re-Takes (8:00am) North Recital Hall  

August 27th                        Fall Sports Pre-Season Parent Meeting (6:00pm) PAC

August 28th                        Teacher In-Service ~ School Closed for Students

August 28th                        Cherokee Frosh/New Student Orientation (5:00pm) PAC

September 1st                     Labor Day ~ School Closed

September 2nd                    Teacher In-Service ~ School Closed for Students

September 3rd                     First Marking Period Begins

September 18th                   Underclassmen Pictures (during the school day) North Main Gym/South Gym

September 18th                   Counseling Department Senior Parent Meeting (7:00pm) PAC

September 25th                   Rosh Hashanah ~ School Closed

October 2nd                        Cherokee “Back To School Night” (7:00pm) North Building/South Building

October 3rd                         Teacher In-Service ~ Delayed Opening for Students

October 7th–9th                   HSPA Testing ~ Seniors

October 11th                       SAT’s (7:00am) North Building

October 13th                       Columbus Day/Teacher In-Service ~ School Closed for Students

October 14th–16th               HSPA Testing Make-Up Dates ~ Seniors

October 15th                       PSAT’s ~ 9th, 10th & 11th Graders

October 15th                       Sophomore Class Ring Fair (6:00pm) South Cafeteria

October 18th                            NJROTC Cadet Drill Meet (8:00am) North Main Gym/South Gym

October 20th–24th              School Violence Awareness Week

October 22nd                      Student Council Fall Volleyball Tournament (6:00pm) North Main Gym/South Gym

October 23rd                      School Violence Awareness Parent Meeting (3:00pm) North Large Conference Room

October 23rd                      Renaissance Senior Pinning Ceremony (7:00pm) PAC

October 24th                      Pep Rally ~ Frosh/Soph (1:50pm) North Main Gym

October 25th                      Student Council “Scare up Some Food” (10:00am) North Main Hallway

October 25th                      Cherokee Classic Marching Band Competition (3:30pm) Stadium

October 26th                      CHRA Classic Car Show (9:00am) North Cafeteria Lot

October 26th                      Little Chiefs Safe Trick-or-Treat (2:00pm) North Building

October 30th                      Underclassmen Pictures~absentees (during the school day) North Main Gym/South Gym

November 5th                    First Marking Period Ends

November 5th                    Renaissance Talent Show (7:30pm) PAC

November 6th & 7th          Teachers Convention ~ School Closed          

November 8th                    SAT’s (7:00am) North Building

November 10th                  Second Marking Period Begins

November 12th                  LRHSD Math/Science Night (6:30pm) Lenape ~ Various Classrooms

November 13th & 14th      Club Pictures (during the school day) PAC

November 13th                  National Honor Society Induction Ceremony (7:00pm) South Cafeteria/PAC

November 14th                  Grades Posting Date

November 20th–26th          Student Council Spirit Week

November 21st                   Student Council Homecoming Dance (7:00pm) North Cafeteria

November 22nd                  Storm Robotics FIRST Tech Challenger Qualifier (8:00am) South Cafeteria/South Gym

November 22nd                  Holiday Craft Fair (9:00am) North Cafeteria                       

November 26th                  Single Session Day ~ Students & Staff

November 26th                  Homecoming Pep Rally ~ Juniors/Seniors (10:55am) North Main Gym

November 27th & 28th       Thanksgiving Break ~ School Closed

November 28th & 29th       Cherokee Fall Show (7:30pm) PAC          

December 3rd                     Counseling Department Financial Aid Night (7:00pm) North Cafeteria

December 5th                     Teacher In-Service ~ Single Session for Students

December 5th & 6th            Cherokee Fall Show (7:30pm) PAC

December 6th                     SAT’s (7:00am) North Building

December 8th                     Winter Sports Pre-Season Parent Meeting (6:00pm) PAC

December 8th–12th               Student Council Operation Holiday

December 9th                     Counseling “Jump Start for Juniors” Program (7:00pm) PAC

December 11th                   Cherokee Instrumental Holiday Concert (7:00pm) PAC

December 14th                   LRHSD Choral Concert (2:00pm) PAC

December 17th                    Cherokee Choirs & Concert Choir Holiday Choral Concert (7:30pm) PAC

December 18th                    Cherokee Fifth Quarter Club Fashion Show (7:00pm) PAC

December 24th–January 4th Winter Break ~ School Closed

December 29th                    Memorial Garden Ceremony (6:00pm)

January 13th & 15th            Cherokee Idol (6:30pm) PAC

January 19th                        Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Observance ~ School Closed

January 24th                        SAT’s (7:00am) North Building

January 22nd                       Second Marking Period Ends

January 22nd                       First Semester Ends

January 23rd                       Third Marking Period Begins

January 30th                       Student Council Blizzard (7:00pm) North Cafeteria

February 3rd                       Grades Posting Date

February 5th                       Counseling Department Curriculum Expo (7:00pm) PAC/South Gym/South Cafeteria

February 6th                       Senior Class “Mr. Cherokee” Contest (7:00pm) PAC

February 10th                     Lenape Regional & Cherokee Winter Orchestra Concert (7:00pm) PAC

February 11th                     Cherokee National Art Honor Society Induction Ceremony (6:00pm) North Recital Hall

February 13th                     Teacher In-Service ~ Single Session for Students

February 15th                     Student Council Senior Citizens Valentine Ball (5:00pm) North Cafeteria

February 16th                     Presidents Day ~ School Closed

February 21st                      NJSIAA District 27 Wrestling Tournament North Main Gym/North Cafeteria

March 3rd–5th                     HSPA Testing ~ Seniors

March 9th – 20th                 PARCC Testing

March 10th–12th                 HSPA Testing Make-Up Dates ~ Seniors

March 11th                          New Jersey State Jazz Ensemble Preliminaries (4:00pm) PAC

March 11th                          Junior Class Faculty vs Seniors Basketball Game (7:00pm) North Main Gym

March 12th                         Spring Sports Pre-Season Parent Meeting (6:00pm) PAC

March 14th                         SAT’s (7:00am) North Building

March 18th                         World Languages Honor Society Induction Ceremony (7:00pm) PAC

March 19th                         Cherokee Wrestling Booster Club Fashion Show (7:30pm) PAC

March 23rd–27th                Senior Week

March 24th                         Senior Class Trip Parent Meeting (7:00pm) PAC

March 26th                        Third Marking Period Ends

March 27th                         Fourth Marking Period Begins

March 27th                        Senior Day of Service 

March 29th–April 1st         Senior Class Trip to Walt Disney World

March 30th                         Student Council Elections (lunch periods) North Cafeteria/South Cafeteria

March 30th-April 2nd         Class of 2016 Senior Portraits (8:00am) North Recital Hall

April 2nd                             Grades Posting Date

April 3rd–12th                     Spring Break ~ School Closed

April 8th–10th                     Diversity Week

April 13th–May 24th           Class of 2016 Senior Portraits (8:00am) North Recital Hall

April 27th–30th                   PARCC Testing

April 28th                           Student Council Spring Volleyball Tournament (6:00pm) North Main Gym/South Gym

April 29th                           National Honor Society Trivia Contest (2:45pm) North Cafeteria

April 29th                           Senior Prom Parent Meeting (7:00pm) PAC/South Cafeteria

April 30th                                Cherokee Technology Honor Society Induction (7:00pm) PAC

May 1st                               Sophomore Class Cotillion (7:00pm) South Cafeteria

May 2nd                              SAT’s (7:00am) North Building

May 4th–11th                      AP Testing

May 6th                              Student Council Spring Blood Drive (during the school day) North Main Gym

May 6th                              Cherokee Instrumental Music Spring Concert (7:00pm) PAC

May 8th                              Senior Class Promenade & Prom (5:00pm/7:30pm) North Main Lot/PAC

May 9th                              Freshman Class Trip

May 14th                             Cherokee Art & Photo Show (5:30pm) Middle Gym/S. Gym Halls/S. Media/S. Cafeteria

May 15th & 16th                 Cherokee Spring Musical (7:30pm) PAC

May 18th–20th                     PARCC Testing

May 18th                             Chamber Ensemble Concert (7:00pm) North Recital Hall

May 19th                             Renaissance People’s Choice Awards (7:00pm) PAC

May 21st                             NJROTC Change of Command Ceremony (6:00pm) North Main Gym

May 22nd & 23rd                Cherokee Spring Musical (7:30pm) PAC

May 25th                            Memorial Day ~ School Closed

May 26th & 27th                 New Jersey Biology Assessment

May 26th–28th                    Class of 2016 Senior Portraits Re-Takes (8:00am) North Recital Hall

May 27th                            Evesham Elementary Honors Band Concert (7:30pm) PAC

May 28th                            Cherokee Academic Awards Ceremony (7:00pm) PAC

June 1st                               Project Graduation Senior/Parent Last Dance (6:30pm) North Cafeteria

June 2nd                              Cherokee Orchestra String Recital (7:00pm) North Recital Hall

June 3rd                              Cherokee Senior Solo Choral Concert (7:00pm) North Recital Hall

June 4th                              Cherokee Choirs & Concert Choir Spring Choral Concert (7:30pm) PAC

June 5th                              Fourth Marking Period Ends

June 5th                              LRHSD Special Needs Prom (5:00pm) Moorestown Community House

June 5th                              Senior Night (6:00pm) South Cafeteria

June 6th                              SAT’s (7:00am) North Building

June 8th–11th                      Final Exams        

June 12th                            Second Semester Ends

June 12th                            Graduation (6:00pm) Stadium

June 13th                            Graduation Rain Date (1:00) Stadium/PAC

June 15th                            Teacher Record Day

*PAC – Performing Arts Center
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